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Ansor holds Global Intercultural Youth Exchange

Jumat, 19 Mei 2017 07:56 National


Ansor holds Global Intercultural Youth Exchange
Islam Nusantara
Jakarta, NU Online
The Central Board of Ansor Youth Movement held a Global Intercultural Youth Exchange with the theme of Strengthening Global Bond for A Better World for three days, from 18 to 20 May. Participants will reportedly visit Kebumen and Yogyakarta to directly see both religious and cultural practices of local communities.

The Chairman of Ansor Abdul Azis Wahid explained this was the second youth exchange agenda held by the NU youth wing.

"This is the second event project held by Ansor," Azis said while giving a speech during the opening ceremony of the event at the Ansor headquarters on Thursday (18/5).

Azis said that the purpose and objective of organizing the agenda were to introduce the Indonesian cultural treasures to the international youth and students, especially about Islam Nusantara (Islam of the archipelago).

"In essence we make them aware about the concept of Islam Nusantara in everyday life. So they understand that this is exactly what having been practiced for hundreds of years," he said.

He also explained that the event was held to build mutual trust between youth from various nations. "We do want to build mutual trust," he said.

Azis said they would visit one of the oldest Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) in Kebumen district. While Yogyakarta was chosen because the Gudeg City is a cultural center of the archipelago.

"Pesantren Al-Kahfi is almost four hundred years old and has a long history of Islamic journey in Indonesia. They have become the armies of Islam since ancient times. The second is Yogyakarta as a cultural icon," he explained.

Similarly, Fathul Masykur, engaged in the Ansor's foreign affairs said the agenda was aimed at introducing Islam Nusantara in a light, entertaining, and fun way.

"We will take a walk to several destinations that have cultural and religious values. In Kebumen, they will be introduced to (the importance of) pesantren life. "And God willing we will meet the sultan in Yogya," he said, adding this agenda would make relationship of the youth between countries become closer. "to know each other and also learn from each other," he said.

The youth exchange was attended by some 85 participants from 23 countries. Some are from Sudan, Jordan, the Netherlands and South America. (Muchlishon Rochmat / Masdar)