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Kiai Ma’ruf asked santri to do this

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2018 19:55 National


Kiai Ma’ruf asked santri to do this
Jakarta, NU Online
KH Ma’ruf Amin, the adviser of Nahdlatul Ulama asked santri or Islamic students not only to recite Qur’an and classical Islamic literature, but also to learn broader subjects such as recent issues so that they could give a solution of national’s problem. 

“Santri in the recent eras must equip themselves capacities to fight issues such as hoaxes. So they are not only reciting Qur’an and writing or reading classical Islamic literature,” he said on press release, on Friday (10/19).

He stated this opinion when attending the Santri Day ceremony along with ulemas throughout Madura at Pondok Pesantren Hidayatullah Al Muhajirin, Arosbaya, Bangkalan Madura. 

Since long time ago, Kiai Ma’ruf explained, pesantren had duty to prepare new generation to build nation and state. Based on that, he hoped santri could read word of Allah in the form of life order so that, they could understand situation and condition, as well as problems that happened. 

On February, when Kiai Ma’ruf came to Madura, he said, santri had heavier challenge and task, such as ensuing economic independence as a milestone in the national development. 

“One of the conflict trigger in a country was economic inequality,” said Kiai Ma’ruf, on Friday (2/16).

Therefore, NU through pesantren as the main bases of ummah has to be able to give a solution for the need and the concern, he continued.

Kiai Ma’ruf emphasized that the economic progress must be addressed properly by NU and pesantren. 

“Because, to strengthen national economic must be started from the bottom,” he stressed.  

Kiai Ma’ruf who is Islamic economic professor at Islamic State University of Malang also appeal the public to hold NU teaching firmly to face social dynamics that always which continues to grow. 

“NU has been a global organization, as mean of word dhad that lengthen in the symbol. It hints that the organization must play an active role throughout the world,” said Kiai Ma’ruf. (Abdullah Alawi)