Great Mosque of Palembang unveils new name

Great Mosque of Palembang unveils new name
Palembang, NU Online
The Great Mosque of Palembang in South Sumatra has changed its name to Sultan Mahmud Badarrudin Jayo Wikramo Mosque.

“The name change is a tribute to the sultan of Palembang as the founding father of the mosque, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jayo Wikromo or known as SMB I,” South Sumatra administration official Ahmad Najib said during the launch, recently.

The mosque’s foundation head, Ki Agus Ahmad Sarnubi, said there had been a few obstacles in the name-changing process that spanned from the nameplate installation to disagreements on the suggested name.

The Zuriya Palembang Darussalam Alliance had previously rejected the new name after deeming it unrepresentative of the two sultans who were important to the mosque’s history.

“After a joint meeting, we have clarified the misunderstandings as we all wanted to prepare a nameplate that said ‘Jayo Wikarmo’ but it just has not been installed yet. Then, we agreed on the name,” Agus said.

Meanwhile, the current sultan Raden Haji Muhammad Fauwaz Diradja said he welcomed the name change with open arms as for him, the name was an "award" for sultans of Palembang.

“The name has been changed so there is no need to have any more conflict. When the awareness-raising process is done well, confusion among the public can be avoided,” Fauwaz told The Jakarta Post.

One of the mosque’s most defining characteristics is its architecture, which is influenced by Malay, Chinese and European culture. (JP/Masdar)
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