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ISNU calls on people to use their vote in 2019 general elections

Rabu 27 Februari 2019 18:38 WIB
ISNU calls on people to use their vote in 2019 general elections
Jakarta, NU Online
Member of the Board of Trustees of Nahdlatul Ulama Scholars Association (ISNU) Mahfud MD called on all Indonesian people to use their right to vote in the much-awaited general elections that will be held in April this year.

While speaking at at a public lecture of the Mataram State University (Unram) on "increasing the quality of democracy through simultaneous elections" recently, the former Constitutional Court Justice also urged members of Unram`s academic community to maintain peace and cast their votes in the upcoming general elections because the eligible voters were given opportunities to select their favorable members of parliament and a new pair of president and vice president.

The chairman of the Nationhood Torch Movement`s point of view, the eligible voters had rights to have different political preferences. "In elections, having different choices is acceptable. But, all should accept those who have been elected."

However, the winners should not be abusive, while the losers must not be disruptive. Instead, the entire nation should work together to preserve the existence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia as a God`s gift.

Apart from the fact that democracy was not an ideal system of government, it was the best of all existing systems at the moment, Mahfud, who is also a member of the Agency for the Implementation of State Ideology of Pancasila (BPIP), said. (Masdar)
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