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President hopes for free halal certification for micro businesses

President hopes for free halal certification for micro businesses
Halal certificate
Halal certificate
Cikarang, NU Online
President Joko Widodo has expressed hope for free halal certificate for micro businessmen including street food vendors such as meatball and chicken noodle sellers, Antara news agency reported.

"I hope there would be no fee for these micro businessmen," the president, or Jokowi as he commonly known, said after a mass gathering at Deltamas Square in Hegarmukti Village of Bekasi District over the weekend.

The president admitted that micro businessmen have asked the authority to provide halal certificate for their products. "Other micro businessmen, street vendors, also seek for halal certificate."

On the draft government regulation on halal product assurance, Jokowi said, it has been discussed by the government.

"It (the regulation) is related to many small and micro businesses, home industries, in kampongs and villages," he said.

According to Jokowi, halal certificate ideally could be issued in one day.

Previously Secretary General of the Indonesian Noodle and Meatball Traders (Papmiso) Bambang Hatyanto has expressed hope for halal certification for their products.

Any issue regarding to halal certification of their products could reduce their turnover by 50 percent, he said. (Masdar)
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