All NU board members told to give best services to community

Ahad 17 Maret 2019 10:35 WIB
All NU board members told to give best services to community
Bekasi, NU Online
General Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Said Aqil Siroj asked all regional NU board members at all levels, including Bekasi City under the leadership of KH Mir'an Syamsuri and KH Madinah, to always give their best services to the entire community.

Kiai Said made the remarks on the sidelines of an inauguration of the PCNU of Bekasi City, West Java when airing on Bintang Empat Lima Radio (R-Bama), at the NU Center El-Sa'id Building on the 2nd floor, Jalan Bambu Kuning 200, Sepanjangjaya, Rawalumbu, on Friday (15/3).

"Hopefully the NU Bekasi City in the future will be stronger and more solid in order to develop the culture, character and personality of the nation, religion, tolerance, economy, health, and education," said Kiai Said accompanied by Broadcaster Dahyuyu Yulianti.

Kiai Said revealed that some time ago the NU National Conference and the Great Conference held in the city of Banjar, West Java raised the theme, "Strengthening the Wathaniyah Brotherhood for the Sovereignty of the People".

"Why do we take that theme? Because looking closer at the atmosphere ahead of this (year's) election, so it became important that we reminded to jointly maintain the unity and the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

According to Kiai Said, elections are only a means to realize democracy. So, it should not cause hostility and division.

"It is only a competition which pair can be trusted by the people and lead us in the next five years," he said, adding that the elections had nothing to do with religion. It is not a matter of Islam against infidels, because it is only a matter of competition of two pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates for the leadership of this country.

Kiai Said also conveyed a message to all R-Bama listeners to always maintain optimism, confidence, and resignation to God's will.

"Let us realize the mandate of the NU conference namely building economics, education and health. If all this could be built, God willing, stability in the national security will emerge," he said. (Aru Elgete / Masdar)

Ahad 17 Maret 2019 11:57 WIB
NU condemns New Zealand mosque attacks
NU condemns New Zealand mosque attacks
Surabaya, NU Online
The country's largest Muslim organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) condemned the killing of 49 innocent people in shootings at two New Zealand mosques on Friday (15/03).

Deputy secretary general of NU KH abdul Mun'im DZ, popularly known as Kiai Mun'im, deplored the mass shooting during the Friday prayer and urged New Zealand authorities to crack down of the perpetrators.

"The News Zealand authorities must crack down on the deadly attacks, which left 40 people at least dead and many others seriously injured"

Kiai Muním also expressed his deepest sorrow and called upon the entire world to thoughtfully keep promoting interfaith tolerance.

"All people around the world must stand together against any act of terrorism," he told NU Online here on Sunday (17/03).

New Zealand police said 49 people were killed and 42 were being treated for wounds, including a four-year-old child. Three people were in custody including one man who has been charged with murder, police said.

Meanwhile Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand Tantowi Yahya recently explained there were reportedly six Indonesians conducting Friday prayers during the deadly terror attack at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.

“They escaped the shooting. There were 3 who communicated with us and are still in hiding at residents’ homes. We have not managed to contact the other three. We hope there are no Indonesian casualties and the four reportedly injured will survive,” said Ambassador Tantowi to Tempo on Friday, March 15.

The three Indonesians currently in hiding are said to be university students, while the rest have yet to be identified. According to Tantowi, two Indonesian Embassy staff members in Wellington have flown to Christchurch to meet the Indonesians and gather more information. (Masdar)
Rabu 13 Maret 2019 18:47 WIB
Gus Dur and Mahatma Gandhi's painting will be displayed in Bulgaria
Gus Dur and Mahatma Gandhi's painting will be displayed in Bulgaria
Gus Dur
Jakarta, NU Online
The prominent world leaders KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) and Mahatma Gandhi are considered to have inspired the citizens of the world for their struggle and services to uphold religious and humanitarian values.

Both figures are enshrined in a painting made by Djoko Susilo. The painting, according to Mohammad Mahfud MD, will be exhibited in Bulgaria.

"Gus Dur and Mahatma Gadhi painted by Djoko Susilo, will be exhibited in Bulgaria," explained Mahfud MD in his twitter posts.

According to him, Gus Dur is the father of Indonesian Pluralism. However, at this time what was written on his gravestone was Here Rest a Humanist who emphasized that Gus Dur was a humanist.

"Mahatma Gandhi once said,‘ all humans worship God, but only ways (of worship are different.' Tolerance according to both, is the key to peace in life," Mahfud said.

The painting depicts KH Abdurrahman Wahid and Mahatma Gandhi talked in a sitting position and faced each other.

Both are described as laughing at each other. Gus Dur wore a sarong and cap and a shirt wrapped in a suit, while Mahatma Gandhi wore a white Indian sling with a note. Between them there was a red stamp pictured with the character of Semar. (Fathoni/Masdar)

Rabu 13 Maret 2019 18:12 WIB
International community lauds Indonesian imams
International community lauds Indonesian imams

Jakarta, NU Online
Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) H. Syafruddin said that the international community had recognized Indonesian imams for their good qualities. "Evidently, there are many requests from the international community, thus prompting Indonesia to send priests," H. Syafruddin was quoted by Antara news agency as saying in his official statement in Jakarta on recently.

He gave an example of the Emir of Qatar who, through the DMI, requested Indonesian priests to teach and become leaders in their mosques. "Even when I visited the United Arab Emirates, our ambassador (Indonesia) said that the demand for priests from Indonesia was very high," Syafruddin stated.

According to him, this is a good opportunity for Indonesia to show the world that Islam is peaceful.

Earlier, Syafruddin inaugurated the Ittihad Center Management Mosque Priesthood Brotherhood (IPIM) during the 2019-2024 ceremony at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. Syafruddin, who is also the IPIM Protective Board, explained the strategic functions possessed by an imam.

The imam of a mosque is the driving force for creating human beings who are faithful, devoted, and noble.

"Building a mosque is important, but building a human who wants to prostrate is far more important and requires more time than building a mosque," Syafruddin, who is also the minister of administrative and bureaucratic reform, revealed.

He gave an example from history of the Nabawi Mosque, which had an important role in the development of Islam, because it had a priest with a strong character, namely the Prophet Muhammad. The inauguration of the Central Executive Board of IPIM was attended by the Chairperson of IPIM, who was also the High Priest of the Istiqlal Mosque, Nasaruddin Umar; Acting Secretary of the DMI, who was also the administrator of IPIM, Arief Rosyid; and all of the 75 new IPIM administrators.

On that occasion, Syafruddin also explained the work program carried out by DMI so far, namely for the progress and prosperity of the mosque. In addition, the DMI succeeded in uniting all youth and youth mosques in Indonesia today. (Masdar)

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