All NU board members told to give best services to community

All NU board members told to give best services to community
Bekasi, NU Online
General Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Said Aqil Siroj asked all regional NU board members at all levels, including Bekasi City under the leadership of KH Mir'an Syamsuri and KH Madinah, to always give their best services to the entire community.

Kiai Said made the remarks on the sidelines of an inauguration of the PCNU of Bekasi City, West Java when airing on Bintang Empat Lima Radio (R-Bama), at the NU Center El-Sa'id Building on the 2nd floor, Jalan Bambu Kuning 200, Sepanjangjaya, Rawalumbu, on Friday (15/3).

"Hopefully the NU Bekasi City in the future will be stronger and more solid in order to develop the culture, character and personality of the nation, religion, tolerance, economy, health, and education," said Kiai Said accompanied by Broadcaster Dahyuyu Yulianti.

Kiai Said revealed that some time ago the NU National Conference and the Great Conference held in the city of Banjar, West Java raised the theme, "Strengthening the Wathaniyah Brotherhood for the Sovereignty of the People".

"Why do we take that theme? Because looking closer at the atmosphere ahead of this (year's) election, so it became important that we reminded to jointly maintain the unity and the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

According to Kiai Said, elections are only a means to realize democracy. So, it should not cause hostility and division.

"It is only a competition which pair can be trusted by the people and lead us in the next five years," he said, adding that the elections had nothing to do with religion. It is not a matter of Islam against infidels, because it is only a matter of competition of two pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates for the leadership of this country.

Kiai Said also conveyed a message to all R-Bama listeners to always maintain optimism, confidence, and resignation to God's will.

"Let us realize the mandate of the NU conference namely building economics, education and health. If all this could be built, God willing, stability in the national security will emerge," he said. (Aru Elgete / Masdar)

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