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IPNU told to prepare empowered cadres

IPNU told to prepare empowered cadres
Jakarta, NU Online
The Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association (IPNU) is a cadre organization. Therefore, preparing reliable cadres is the main task of the IPNU management.

"Cadre recruitment in the perspective of empowerment prepares reliable NU cadres who can be the successors of NU," former chairman of IPNU Idy Muzayyad said at the IPNU Central Leadership Meeting in Hajj Dormitory, Pondok Gede, Jakarta, Friday (22/3).

More than that, he hoped, the empowered and reliable cadres would be able to fill the leadership spaces of the state and nation.

"The empowered cadres are the cadres who have competencies in all their various fields," Idy explained, adding that such competencies were not only in religious field.

The national leadership space is not only supported by religious knowledge, because the challenges of the times that continue to develop and expand need more knowledge.

"We must have competent cadres in multidisciplinary science and fields," said the National Head of the Ansor Anti-Narcotics Agency (Banar).

Idy revealed that one of the factors of the IPNU establishment was to prepare NU students to have various capacities and abilities.

"Looking at the students historically at that time, the santri or NU students were considered old-fashioned, outdated, only concerned with prayer, not more. So the NU students need to be encouraged to explore science outside of religion," he concluded. (Syakir NF / Masdar)
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