NU young people told to be active in online activities

NU young people told to be active in online activities
Klaten, NU Online
As one of the world's largest Muslim organization Nahdaltul Ulama (NU) should pay more attention to its engagement in cyberspace by enriching NU's contents.

Director of NU Online, Savic Ali made the remarks on the sidelines of the Millennial Discussion Forum at Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School, Gunting, Wonosari, Klaten, Central Java, Saturday (30/3).

"Nahdliyin is not so strong (in) online (media). If (in) offline (media) it's been great. Tens of thousands of Islamic boarding schools and madrassa have been built by our elders," Savic said.

He then revealed the fact that NU Online was ranked first in the Islamic portal in Indonesia. "But NU online is perched alone. Therefore, Nahdliyin must be active in online (media)," he said, adding that what could be done is not having to create a website or portal because it requires a team, but it could be started by creating an account on social media.

In the event entitled Knitting and Strengthening National and Religious Values, Savic also said that media online was dynamic. "If you want to respond, you will also be able to shift a number of pro-violent portals.

Savic suggested in making content, young people should collaborate with older people.
"These young people can make creative content such as videos and memes, but they face lack of material resources. Well, older people have a lot of material, but many have difficulty making creative content," he said.

Though cyberspace is a new battlefield which includes several things such as politics, ideology and even Islamic ideas, according to Savic, the spirit of nahdliyin to be active in online media is not a spirit of war.

Chairman of NU's Rabithah Ma'ahid Islamiyah (RMI), KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin, said that the forum was motivated by concerns about the rise of negative information such as hoax, pornography, hate speech and so fourth.

"After returning from here, participants will have insight in responding to information, which are positive and which are negative," Gus Rozin who is also the Prsident's Special Staff of the President on religious affairs said.

The forum was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information, RMI NU and Al-Barokah Islamic Boarding School. It was attended by hundreds of participants from RMI, IPNU-IPPNU and Islamic boarding schools in Central Java. (Zaim / Masdar)
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