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Labour day born as a correction to capitalists greediness

Labour day  born as a correction to capitalists greediness
Jakarta, NU Online
Labour group is one of the elements and communities that are quite large in every country. However, their fate is only to be a victim of capital practices in industrialization. 

This condition was being a reason for the birth of International Labour Day or May Day because it commemorated every 1 May. This statement came from the chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama Robikin Emhas. 

The determination of 1 May as International Labour Day was correlated with the history of the labor movement to correct the industrialization process that dominated by capitalist greediness. Happy labor day,” said Robikin, on Wednesday (1/5).

Nahdlatul Ulama as Islamic mass organization also has labor division. The NU autonomous body that deals with labor matters is The Confederation of Muslim Labour Association of Indonesia (Sarbumusi).

The labor problem in Indonesia itself is not only about protection to domestic labor, but also Indonesia migrant labor that dominated by women. 

Sarbumusi NU specifically ask the government to enforce the law that guarantees rights and protect women labor.

We ask the government to guarantee law enforcement that is fair to women,” said Head of Women Empowerment of Sarbumusi Eka Fitri Rohmawati. (Fathoni)
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