Haj fund investment returns soar to 6 trillion

Haj fund investment returns soar to 6 trillion
Jakarta, NU Online
The Haj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) has announced it has collected Rp 6 trillion (US$422.47 million) in returns from its investments in 2018, a 28 percent increase from its returns in 2017 of Rp 4.7 trillion, according to a press release from the agency.

The agency said it would allocate the funds for people on the haj waiting list and to cover the agency’s operational costs.

“Rp 500 billion has been distributed to those on the waiting list,” the agency said as reported by tempo.co.id on Saturday, adding that 4.1 million people were on the waiting list.

The distribution of funds in February was the first of two distribution phases, the agency said, adding that the amount of funds in the second distribution would based on an audit by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK).

Those on the haj waiting list received investment returns on their initial Rp 25 million deposit. The returns will be used to cover their travel costs while in Mecca.

“The prospective haj pilgrims, who have already paid the Rp 25 million deposit, can see the value of their investment at BPKH’s website bpkh.co.id,” the agency said.

Meanwhile, National Commission on Haj and Umrah head Mustolih Siradj said many people on the waiting list were not aware that the investment returns from their funds had already been deposited in their bank accounts.

“This is because of limited information, [...], it is not in line with the principle of accountability in the management of public funds,” he added. (JP/Masdar)
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