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Ambassador affirms Indonesia, OIC members support Palestine

Ambassador affirms Indonesia, OIC members support Palestine
Jakarta, NU Online
The Indonesian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Husnan Bey Fananie, has affirmed that Indonesia and the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) continue to support Palestinian independence, Antara news agency reported.

"Indonesia continues carrying out creative diplomacy, with special support for the Palestinian issues in Gaza," Ambassador Husnan said at a breaking-fast event held by the Indonesian Embassy in Baku recently, in a statement received by Antara here recently.

The Indonesian Embassy in Baku held the event and invited the ambassadors of OIC countries on the 10th day of the holy month of Ramadan, in an atmosphere of friendship.

Some ambassadors of countries attending the event were from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tajikistan, Palestine and Lebanon.

Ambassador Husnan said the breaking fast meal was an annual event at the Indonesian Embassy in Baku.

According to Husnan, this event is a form of "soft diplomacy", or diplomacy through social and cultural approaches, by Indonesia and OIC member countries.

"Let's continue to maintain friendship among OIC members, unite and build mutual respect, and help each other," Ambassador Husnan said. (Masdar)
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