Ansor and youth organizations ready to bridge Jokowi and Prabowo's meeting

Kamis 23 Mei 2019 13:22 WIB
Ansor and youth organizations ready to bridge Jokowi and Prabowo's meeting
Jakarta, NU Online
The 22 May 2019 action ended in chaos. Tensions have also arisen after the KPU decided the the presidential election results. To help ease these tensions, GP Ansor along with a number of youth organizations (OKP) are ready to bridge the meeting between Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto.

The encouragement and initiation arose when several youth organizations attended the commemoration of the Nuzulul Qur'an at the Ansor headquarters, Jalan Kramat Raya, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (5/22).

The Chairperson of the Ansor Youth Movement Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, popularly known as Gus Yakut, and Secretary General Abdul Rochman, Chairman of the KNPI Noer Fajrieansyah and Secretary General Addin Jauharuddin, Secretary General of the Pancasila Youth Arif Rahman, Secretary General of GEMABUDHI Karsono, Secretary General of Catholic Youth Christopher Nugroha, Secretary General of GAMKI GAMKI Putu, representatives of the Muhammadiyah Youth, and General Chairman of the Mathla'ul Anwar Youth Generation Ahmad Nawawi.

Gus Yaqut hoped that the community would not be easily provoked by actions from groups acting in the name of election fraud. According to him, the action held since Tuesday (5/21) to Wednesday (5/22) deviated from the interests of the General Election.

Gus Yaqut hoped that all parties from both camps would take favorable steps in the context of national reconciliation. According to him, this reconciliation is important because it is recognized that there has been a breakdown or polarization, both at the elite level and within the community.

"It's time for us to let go of short-term political egos. All must think positively in the future for national development and unity," Gus Yaqut said.

Similar encouragement was also conveyed by General Chairman of the Mathla'ul Anwar Youth Ahmad Nawawi and Secretary General of the Pancasila Youth Arif Rahman. According to Nawawi, a meeting and holding talks with national leaders or stakeholders must be carried out immediately.

"All parties must be willing to accept the election results. "I really thank Ansor today in the midst of the commemoration of Nuzulul Qur'an to facilitate the meeting of youth organizations so that there is a solution to the current crisis of the nation," Nawawi explained.

According to him, the action in the last two days was not pure or by design. "This goal is not good, which is to make the country chaotic. This must be taken firmly. So the closure of social media is considerably very good in minimizing any chaos," he said.

On the occasion there was also the Khataman Al-Qur'an, prayers and tahlil for hundreds of democracy fighters, election management officers who died in their duties. The activity was concluded by religious sermon delivered by KH Ahmad Muwafiq, popularly known as Gus Muwafiq. (Fathoni/Masdar)