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Nahdliyin Businessmen and Professionals to visit Azerbaijan

Nahdliyin Businessmen and Professionals to visit Azerbaijan
Jakarta, NU Online
The Central Board of Nahdliyin Business and Professional Association (P2N) will visit a number of countries. The visit is aimed at building business synergy in mid-August ahead. The countries are among others Azerbaijan, Japan, China, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

"P2N is not just a discussion, seminar, but doing real work. We will (firstly) go to Azerbaijan, maybe on 10 or 12 August. Later we will discuss business. This is a real way for us to collaborate," Irnanda said on the sidelines of the Focus Group Discussion (FGD ) in the NU Building, Jakarta, Friday (12/7). The FGD took up an issue on Increasing Welfare and Equity through Infrastructure Connectivity.

According to Irnanda, at the Azerbaijan's meeting, there will be many issues discussed. Among other things, Azerbaijani businessmen will possibly participate in building trade in Indonesia by investing. Also, P2N will send Nahdliyin's works to the country dubbed the 'fire state'.

"They (Azerbaijan businessmen) are ready to invest in Indonesia. We might invest there. We will learn from each other," he said.

Later, Irnanda added, the P2N's visit was not only received directly by businessmen, but also state officials, such as the prime minister or president.

"God willing, we will be accepted at least by the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, and even the President," he continued.

On this stand, he invited businessmen who are members of P2N and have capable companies to prepare themselves for this important momentum because the number of participants is limited.

"Later the businessmen who participate (in the meeting) must really work, do business as partners. There will some 15 capable companies that participate in the meeting," he said.

Irnanda hopes that whatever done by P2N could get blessing from God and be useful for Indonesia. "For the ummah (people) in general and Nahdliyin in particular," he added.

He stated that about three weeks ago, businessmen from Azerbaijan had visited the NU headquarters and met directly with the NU General Chairman KH Said Aqil Siroj. He said that Kiai Said himself was very supportive of this purposeful plan. (Husni Sahal / Masdar)
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