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Govt urged to take firm stand against Saudi Ambassador's tweet

Selasa 4 Desember 2018 08:43 WIB
Govt urged to take firm stand against Saudi Ambassador's tweet
Saudi Arabia
Jakarta, NU Online
The Indonesia's Syrian Alumni Association (Alsyami) asked the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take firm measures in response to the tweet of Indonesia's Saudi Ambassador Osamah Muhammad al-Suaibi. He stated that the peace rally held at the National Monument was a reaction to the burning of flags carried out by 'misguided organizations'.

"We ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take a firm stand in order to uphold the sovereignty and the dignity of the Unitay State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)," said Secretary General of Alsyami M. Najih Arromadloni, Monday (3/12).

According to the Middle East Observer, the Osamah's tweet has intervened in Indonesia's domestic political development. This is considered a serious violation of diplomatic ethics.

Najih stated that the Saudi Ambassador's tweet should be made an early warning for the government of Indonesia to prevent further intervention by Saudi Arabia.

The Damaskus Ahmad Kuftaro University alumnus made the stataments following the track record of Saudi Arabia's intervention in such Middle East Countries as Syria and Yemen, up to the level of military operations having still continued today.

"If the Saudi ambassador remains in his stand, then it can be such a non-gratuitous act. The Indonesian government also needs to withdraw the Indonesian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the context of consultation, before considering the final step towards a diplomat, in the form of expulsion," Najih explained.

He stated, all this was an effort to maintain harmonious relations between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia based on the principle of mutual respect for the sovereignty of each country. (Fathoni/Masdar)
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