Habib Luthfi calls on people to keep sending shalawat on prophet

Ahad, 18 November 2018 | 05:41 WIB

Brebes, NU Online
The Supreme Leader (Rais Aam) of Jamiyah Ahlit Thariqah Al-Mu'tabarah an-Nahdliyah Habib Lutfi bin Yahya called on all Muslims to send shalawat on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), because if all social elements send the shalawat, God's blessings will come.

The most beautiful grace, according to Habib Lutfi, is when we send shalawat together, sitting together in an assembly to remember God (dhikr), and praying together as it is today.

"And God willing, the blessings will protect us in the world and in the hereafter," said Habib Lutfi when delivering a religious sermon on the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad 1440 H held by Jamiyyah Rotib Brebes, at the Saditan Brebes intersection recently.

Habib Luthfi reminded us to be grateful for what we get, like when we eat rice, we must be grateful and think about how rice could come before us. Do not waste the rice even if you have one.

How farmers with their persistence of planting rice, including those who do the cooking process.

"How beautiful it is to cover the shortcomings of those we love. It is a lie to say love if you still tell the shame of others," he said

Habib Luthfi also called on all muslims to instill a love for Prophet Muhammad. Because by remembering God (zikr) and sending shalawat on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), God will give us abundant blessings.

Present also at the occasion were Habib Soleh Alatas (leader of Pesantren Nurul Hidayah Pangkah Bedug Tegal), KH Dirjo Abdul Hadi (Brebes), Habib Abdullah Bin Talib Alatas (leader of Jamiyyah Rotib Brebes), Habib Salim Bin Abdullah Alatas (leader of Jamiyah Rotib Brebes), KH Ahmad Athoilah, representing the Regent of Brebes. (Wasdiun / Masdar)