NU Care helps complete school construction in Sorong

Kam, 21 Maret 2019 | 05:13 WIB

Jakarta, NU Online
NU Care-LAZISNU helped the construction of Al-Ma'arif 1 Maibo Elementary School building in Maibo Village, Klabinain, Aimas, Sorong, West Papua. The inauguration of the school building was attended by the local government officials and the Sorong PCNU board members on Wednesday (20/03).

The Chairman of the Construction of Al-Ma'arif 1 Maibo Elementary School who is also the secretary of the Sorong PCNU, Hery Widyaprasetya, said that the elementary school building was an emergency school built due to the migration of the Kokoda tribe to Maibo Village.

This emergency school was established at the initiative of the local residents and NU administrators and was aimed at giving the Kokoda children to continue their education. The 1 Al-Maarif SD building Maibo was originally only made of wooden blocks.

"Since its establishment, the school condition is very alarming. The school floor is still grounded. And the school walls are only made of wooden blocks," he said, adding that the school construction was carried out in July 2018 and financed by the central board of NU Care-LAZISNU that was begun on October 13, 2017, through the crowdfunding platform (online fundraising)

The Principal of Al-Ma'arif 1 Elementary School Maibo, Rusmiati, thanked all donors for channeling their assistance through NU Care-LAZISNU at "Hopefully the charity will be accepted by Allah SWT. Amiiin," she hoped.

The Deputy Regent of Sorong, Suko Harjono, hoped that educational programs could continue to be maximized for the teaching and learning process in Maibo Village.

"Thank you for the help of all parties, donors, and also PT Petrosea's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards the company-affected areas. Hopefully, in the future there will be educational programs for Maibo Village," Harjono said.

Present also at the inauguration were the Sorong Regency Education and Teaching Service (P & P), Head and lecturer of STAIN Sorong, representatives of NU Sorong institutions and autonomous bodies, representatives of PT Petrosea Tbk, teachers and guardians of Al-Ma'arif 1 Elementary School Maibo.

Meanwhile, the chairman of NU Care-LAZISNU, Achmad Sudrajat, said that the aid distributed was the realization of the education program, which was one of the pillars of the NU Care-LAZISNU programs.

"Thank you to the benefactors, donors for the development of Al-Ma'arif 1 Elementary School Maibo. Finally, of course we are grateful and happy for seeing our younger brothers and sisters, teachers, and local communities to be able to see, enjoy and get better education," Sudrajat said. (Wahyu Noerhadi / Masdar)