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NU-Care LAZISNU distributes wheelchairs and crutches for Palestinian

NU-Care LAZISNU distributes wheelchairs and crutches for Palestinian
NU Care-LAZISNU continues to realize its commitment to helping the Palestinian people.
NU Care-LAZISNU continues to realize its commitment to helping the Palestinian people.

Jakarta, NU Online
​​​​NU Care-LAZISNU continues to realize its commitment to helping the Palestinian people. After distributing aid for basic needs for medical supplies some time ago, last Saturday, July 10, 2021, this NU's philanthropic organization again distributed wheelchairs and crutches or walking aids. In collaboration with the Telkomsel Taqwa Council (MTT), the distribution is focused on residents in the Gaza Strip.

The person in charge of the NU Care-LAZISNU and MTT Cooperation Program, Nur Hasan, said that aid distribution was a form of concern for the Palestinian people who were victims of the conflict. Moreover, this assistance also targets people with disabilities who have physical disabilities due to the war in Palestine.

According to him, the humanitarian activities carried out by NU Care-LAZISNU are not the first to be carried out. Assistance to the Palestinian people is also a form of solidarity and realization of NU's stance since the Conference in Menes, Banten Province, 1938.

"This means that support for the Palestinian people also imitates the attitude of NU clerics who have been exemplified long ago," said Nur Hasan, Monday (12/7).

Hasan said that he was grateful that NU Care-LAZISNU could again distribute aid for Palestinians. "Since some time ago, NU Care-LAZISNU has been raising humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people through nucare.id/program/pedulipalestina," he said.

While MTT General Chairman Ade Muzawir said, the distribution of aid was carried out in response to the conditions experienced by Palestinians after the prolonged conflict. Through the NU Peduli Palestine Humanitarian Solidarity Program, MTT also provides wheelchairs and canes for people with disabilities in Palestine.

"God willing, this wheelchair assistance will be distributed to our brothers and sisters who are unable to walk and carry out normal activities. So that they can carry out their daily activities more easily," said Ade.

He thanked the donors and all parties involved in this program. "Hopefully, this assistance will be useful for Palestinians," he hoped.

The distribution of wheelchairs and crutches for Palestinians was realized by the AWC Women's Center Palestine. Executive Director of AWC Women's Center, Abeer Zayd, also thanked MTT and NU Care-LAZISNU for the charitable assistance in the form of wheelchairs and crutches given to the injured victims in Gaza.

"Such generous donations help the injured to reintegrate into society and make their daily lives easier," said Abeer Zayd.

As reported, Palestinians mourned when Israeli police officers attacked Palestinian civilians on the night of Ramadan 27, 1442 H or Friday, May 7, 2021, at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli police officers reportedly dispersed and attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque worshipers using stun grenades and gas bombs while worshipers were performing the Isha and Tarawih prayers in this incident.

Reporter: Kendi Setiawan
Editor: Mustofa Asrori
Translator: Muhammad Faizin

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