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NU congress expected to boost efforts to develop rural areas

NU congress expected to boost efforts to develop rural areas

Jombang, NU Online
The Minister for Rural and Backward Village Development and Transmigration Marwan Jafar has expressed hope that the 33rd Congress of Nahdlatul Ulama will serve to boost efforts to develop rural areas.
He said here on Saturday that he hopes for this because NU members are mostly based out of rural regions.

"As the minister of rural development and a member of NU, I certainly hope that the congress motivates other members to participate in rural development efforts, which is part of their duties," the minister explained in a press statement received by Antara. 

Jafar also wishes that the event could create an atmosphere that uplifts the spirit of efforts towards rural development, which is one of the programs of the government.

Most members of NU are villagers, while Jombang is a city of Islamic students, he pointed out, adding that he hopes these factors help create the right atmosphere for participants to think about rural development.

Moreover, besides village development, Jafar wants the congress to be able to emphasize that NU is an organization that prioritizes holding dialogs and practicing tolerance.

"This must be reflected in the event that involves NU cadres from various levels so that it remains committed to safeguarding the harmonious relations among members," he remarked.

Jafar further noted that it was important for members of the organization to preserve this stance because it was the basic capital to develop Indonesia as a country that blesses all.

"It will be useless if we build villages but community members remain rigid in their views of others` opinions or faiths. This is our (NU`s) common task. This is how villagers in the future will not make differences an issue," he affirmed.

If intolerance continues to prevail in various regions, Jafar believes it will be difficult for villages to make progress and develop, even if they have the will for it. This is because intolerance makes regions vulnerable to provocation that may lead to riots.Citing an example, the minister referred to the recent Tolikara incident in Papua. 

"Reflect on this incident to ensure that it does not occur in other regions or villages in the future," he emphasized.

NU members must always maintain tolerance and uphold the familial values taught by predecessors, to continue to act as the vanguard to preserve the Unitary State of Indonesia.

"With its consistency in preserving tolerance and the spirit of contributing to rural development, I am confident that NU will remain a respected and revered religious organization," he stressed. (masdar)

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