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Rais Aam: Many Islamic laws are result of ulema ijtihad

Rais Aam: Many Islamic laws are result of ulema ijtihad
Islamic Law
Islamic Law
Jakarta, NU Online
According to Imam Haromain, though shari'a is manshusoh (set out in the Qur'an and hadith), many others are ijtihadi. However, most of the shari'a are the result of ulema ijtihad, given  Qur'anic texts and the Sunnah are limited, while new events happen continuously.

Rais' Aam of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Ma'ruf Amin made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting at the NU headquarters on Monday (29/5) .

Kiai Ma'ruf added that contemporary issues such as muamalah, political, social, and cultural ones required answers. Therefore, the ancient ulema also had conducted ijtihad to answer the existing problems and to anticipate new possible problems.

"Especially in muamalah, political, cultural, social," said Kiai Ma'ruf.

Kiai Ma'ruf said when asked to speak at a seminar on Mother's Milk, he looked for references in religious books (Kitab Kuning).

"I opened some books, it turns out that the ancient ulema have discussed it. It is, among others, in the so-called I'anatuttholibin, Al Bajuri. Alliba' (mothers' milk) that is currently called kolustrum has been discussed by ulema a hundred years ago," he explained.

He revealed, information about the mother's milk in the Kitab Kuning made the doctors present in the seminar surprised because "the ancient ulema have discussed about it."

"Liba' is milk that comes out at the time of giving birth. Liba must be drunk, if not her child will be weak," he concluded. (Muchlishon Rochmat/Masdar)

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