The moon will 'eclipse' Mars tonight

Sab, 17 April 2021 | 07:56 WIB

Jakarta, NU Online
Based on the so-called hisab haqiqy bittahqiq Meeus conducted by the Nahdlatul Ulama Astrological Committee (LFPBNU), tonight, Sunday 6 Ramadhan 1442 H which coincides with April 17, 2021 AD, Mars will be covered by the moon. This event is known as the ihtijab of Mars (Marikh) and the Moon or the Occultation of Mars and the Moon.


The occultation of Mars and the Moon is a celestial event in which Mars and the Moon occupy the same ecliptic longitude and have very little elongation. So that Mars will be covered by the Moon's circle into an eclipse-like event. Because the angular diameter of the Moon is much larger than that of Mars, this event is called ihtijab (occultation).


“The Ihtijab Mars is a celestial event that generally occurs every year. However, it rarely happens in the same location in a row,” the Head of LFPBNU KH Sirril Wafa told NU Online here on Saturday (17/4).


Based on the LFPBNU observations, the configuration of the position of the Sun, Mars and the Moon that causes the ihtijab Mars is calculated to begin at 20:33 WIB. The Mars-Moon sinking will occur at 21:46 WIB with an occultation duration of 1 hour 13 minutes.


"Ihtijab Mars could be witnessed from most parts of Indonesia, namely from 29 provinces," he added.


This celestial event was greeted with astrological activities by LFPBNU while still paying attention to the protocol for preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 diseases. He hoped that the NU Astrological Committees in the branch and regional level, Islamic boarding schools focusing more on astrology and NU astrologers throughout Indonesia would act actively to observe the celestial events.


Contributor : Muhammad Faizin

Editor : Sudarto Murtaufiq