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LDNU invites Muslim organizations to attend NU's meeting

LDNU invites Muslim organizations to attend NU's meeting
Jakarta, NU Online
The Preaching Institution of Nahdlatul Ulama (LDNU) would invite Muslim organizations throughout Indonesia to attend a halalbihalal meeting that would reportedly be held at the headquarters of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) in Jakarta on 26 October ahead.

The purposeful meeting is the collaboration between the LDNU and the Preaching Information Center chaired by KH Sukron Makmun. The organizations are Muhammadiyah, Indonesian Islamic Preaching Board, Islamic Union, Indonesian Muslim Youth Movement, Alawiyah, Tarbiyah Islamiyah, Al Washliyah and Al Khairat.<>

Chairman of the LDNU KH Nuril Huda said the halalbihalal was aimed at cultivating relationship among Muslims (ukhuwah Islamiyah) as well as seeking solutions in dealing with any national problems.

"The dispute caused by the difference of political party or that not to do with principle issues or the matter of khilafiyah is past issues," KH Nuril said, adding that as the most populous Muslim country, conflicts between Muslims should be avoided because they could be driven by the third parties.

The halalbihalal would also expectedly be such forum for the Muslim organizations to at least share ideas and stress the importance of warning each other.

"But we can not discuss issues on khilafiyah related to rituals, religious beliefs and so on. The matter of khilafiyah is not the matter of difference but choice and not the principle one," he added.

KH Nuril also said that the forum was also aimed at affirming the importance of porn bill to immediately be passed. As for him, the bill was part of minimizing the impact of pornography to Muslim generations. (nam)

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