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NU: FPI, Ahmadiyah both guilty of violence

NU: FPI, Ahmadiyah both guilty of violence
Jakarta, NU Online
General Chairman of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), KH Hasyim Muzadi says the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and Ahmadiyah sect are both guilty of perpetrating violence.

Hasyim argued that while FPI was violent in the physical sense, the Ahmadiyah community had also been violent in the metaphysical sense by attacking the fundamental beliefs of Islam.<>

"So we need to pacify the two of them for the sake of public order," Hasyim said Wednesday (11/6).

He added that the NU would not be involved in any discussion calling for the dissolve of Ahmadiyah, as only the state had authority to determine.

"We only hope that the FPI will reconsider its use of violence as a tool to project its interests. One's objective and means in achieving this objective must be sound. The two are the building blocks of any action," Hasyim said.

Meanwhile, Hasyim called on the Ahmadiyah community to return to mainstream Islam, if it sought to remain within the folds of Islam.

"They must refrain from spreading false teachings that would only tarnish Islam," he said.

Hasyim went on to clarify his stance on the Ahmadiyah question, denying his support for any of the conflicting parties.

"The issue with Ahmadiyah is not a matter of religious freedom, as Ahmadiyah is yet to be a separate religion. They claim to be Muslims and yet their teachings tarnish Islam," Hasyim said.

"Having said that, I do not think they should be persecuted; the violence they have faced is regrettable," he added. (jp/dar)

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