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Gus Dur on love for fellow humans

Gus Dur on love for fellow humans
Gus Dur
Gus Dur
No one has ever doubted the humanism of KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur). Gus Dur's character which was manifested through affection for all human has been continued to be fought until the end of his life. The article "Here Rest a Humanist" which is imprinted on Gus Dur's tombstone is a high appreciation for human values.

Human values which adopted by Gus Dur in the life of the nation and state are also integrated with religious values so that they do not dry up morally. That is the appreciation and the strengthening of one's faith, whatever their religion is in line with respect for human values. This is where Gus Dur often defends the oppressed and the marginalized both non-Muslim minorities and certain groups.

Regarding his humanism struggle, in 1996 at a forum, Gus Dur was criticized for his close relationship to non-Muslims and his self-defense which was often addressed to them. The man criticizing Gus Dur quoted this verse:

"Muhammadur Rasulullah, walladzina ma'ahu asyiddaau 'is the kuffari ruhamau bainahum ..." (Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah, and with him is a person who (acts) hard / firm against unbelievers, but (being) friendly / affectionate among others (Muslim) ... (Surat al-Fath: 29)

According to the critic, Gus Dur did not follow this verse because he was reversed, friendly to non-Muslims and often strongly criticized against fellow Muslims.

In the forum held at the Sunda Kelapa Jakarta Mosque, Gus Dur answered casually and calmly as usual. According to him, any association could be done with anyone. This was exemplified by the Messenger of Allah, even he never hated the Quraysh who were still in disbelief. Gus Dur also emphasized that the nature of love could be in the form of assertiveness, not only in the form of friendliness towards others.

In a statement quoted by Muhammad AS Hikam in Gus Dur Ku, Gus Dur Anda, Gus Dur Kita (2013), Gus Dur said:

"The Qur'an verses should be understood through their interpretation, instead of being interpreted literally. Firmly in the verse 29 QS Al-Fath means firm in faith, not in association. We as Muslims (especially in a majority condition) certainly must remain friendly to non-Muslims as a minority. If I often act critically towards fellow Islamic movements in Indonesia, because in the spirit of 'tawashou bil haq'. Providing internal learning, it is different from the external one. In fact, 'ruhama' or love (I express)  with criticism. Sometimes it sounds hard, but I don't monopolize the truth like most organizations and other Islamic figures."

So, according to Gus Dur, in terms of the matter of faith, as a steadfast Muslim, he had no compromise regarding the truth of his belief. But don't close your eyes too that the teachings of Islam are familiar with the principle of hablun minannas or associating with fellow human beings, moreover to fellow nations, the legal owners of this country. On this stand, Gus Dur did not want to distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims in embracing strengthened human values and kindness as taught by religions.

Universal human values propagated by Gus Dur are also global. This is shown by Gus Dur, among others, when he continued to fight for the sovereignty of the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation. This happened during the night around the 1980s. At that time, Gus Dur held a little girl named Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh Rahman at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Jakarta. Instead of enjoying the night or recreational atmosphere, Gus Dur was commanding charity in the form of raising funds for the Palestinian people.

The little girl who is currently familiarly called Yenny Wahid revealed, at that time his father was wearing a shirt that read "Palestine". In that moment, Gus Dur held a fundraising and sympathetic action for the Palestinians along with figures and some of artists, including Sutardji Calzoum Bachri. (Gus! Sketsa Seorang Guru Bangsa, 2017)

Humanity sympathy for a nation, especially for the oppressed and weak groups (mustadh'afin) is one of the main issues that is the Gus Dur's concern. Whatever religion, belief, nation, ethnicity, race all this is not a barrier for Gus Dur to protect them, in the country and his role of nationality abroad.

His role and wide association made everyone have a deep impression of Gus Dur. In fact, his love poured out on all humans has kept him remembered by every element of the nation following his death. In fact, Soka University Tokyo, owned by Soka Gakkai, which was founded by Daisaku Ikeda has still made Gus Dur the icon of modern culture. (Fathoni/bwin)

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