Gus Sholah calls for importance of teachers'competence

Ahad, 24 Maret 2019 | 06:17 WIB

Jombang, NU Online
The leader of Tebuireng Islamic Boarding school (pesantren), Jombang, East Java, KH Sholahuddin Wahid, popularly known as Gus Sholah, emphasized that the level of education in Indonesia could still be considered far if compared to developed countries.

"Today's education in Indonesia is far behind compared to developed countries," said the cleric who is often called by Gus Sholah.

He made the statement as a keynote speaker at a religious gathering discussing the Adabul Alim Wal Mutaallim written by Hadratusshh KH Hasyim Asy'ari, in Jombang on Saturday (23/3).

At the meeting held by Nahdlatul Ulama Teacher Association (Pergunu) of East Java, Gus Sholah was optimistic to the potential of Indonesia's education in keeping up with any education development in the world.

At present, he said, there was still potential and opportunities to improve education in Indonesia by increasing the competence of teachers, including teachers who are in the Nahdlatul Ulama environment.

He said that one of the key words to address the need of education quality in the country was by increasing teacher competence.

Teachers who have good competency will certainly be able to make education in Indonesia more advanced. At least, according to the younger brother of the 4th President of Indonesia, the teachers could provide quality education to their students.

"Teachers must be able to provide quality education to students," he said while mentioning the results of research related to education.

The halaqah meeting was held to commemorate the NU's 96th anniversary. Previously, the ranks of the East Java Military Committee had carried out so-called ziarah and tahlil at the grave of the NU founders.

The event was participated by the ranks of the Pergunu board members in several areas in East Java. (Syamsul Arifin / Masdar)