Kiai Miftach: NU's khittah must be understood based on historical facts

Jum, 5 November 2021 | 02:44 WIB

Kiai Miftach: NU's khittah must be understood based on historical facts

KH Miftachul Akhyar.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Supreme Leader (Rais 'Aam) of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) KH Miftachul Akhyar (Kiai Miftach) explained that as an organization resulting from the ijtihad of the Muslim scholars (ulema), NU must adhere to four main ideas, namely grand idea, grand design, grand strategy, and grand control.


"These four important ideas must be prepared to welcome the NU's second century, entering the second century," he said on the show Meaning NU's Khittah in Politics on NU Online Youtube, on Thursday (4/11/2021).


In the Kiai Miftach's view, any organization, including NU, will inevitably experience setbacks. So there needs to be individuals who provide refreshment and restore thoughts for a struggle.


He advised that the term 'khittah' should not be misinterpreted. Don't let people shout back to khittah, but instead distort NU.


“Nowadays there are many people whose thoughts are good, but they distort what their predecessors have defended. The term "return to khittah" has been misunderstood, it is used only for interests every five years," the kiai (cleric) who was born in Surabaya, East Java explained.


In order for NU to maintain its identity (not to be distorted), Kiai Miftach called for the importance of looking in the mirror to the muassis (NU founders), how they used to practice it.


"The concept of 'khittah' must be in accordance with the historical facts carried out by the muassis (NU Founders). Of course, by adjusting to the current situation," the Kiai who was born in 1953 added.


"Healthy Politics" In the video, Kiai Miftach also emphasized that NU figures should not be anti-politics. But with a note, the politics in question is healthy politics and is based on the right religious arguments.


“The politics we are doing is not elbow-to-shoulder politics to fight for power. We take the power according to the right religious arguments," the leader of the Miftsachus Sunnah Islamic Boarding School (pesantren), Surabaya said.


For Kiai Mifach, power is important. Imam Al-Ghazali himself once said, al-wilâyah ni'matun 'adzimah (power is a very big blessing).


In addition, Kiai Miftach quoted one of the Prophet's hadiths which reads, 'adlu sâ'atin khairun min 'ibâdati sittîna sanatan (doing justice for one moment is better than worshiping for sixty years).


"One time justice is applied, then prosperity will be realized," Kiai Miftach concluded.


Contributor: Muhammad Abror

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq