Pagar Nusa members pledge to defend NKRI

Ahad, 29 Maret 2015 | 09:21 WIB

Semarang, NU Online
Pancasila field Simpang Lima Semarang was littered fully with members of Pagar Nusa martial arts group from Central Java and representatives throughout Indonesia. By wearing all black uniforms, they participated in a mass rally to remain faithful to the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).<>

Vice Chairman of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Dr. H As'ad Said Ali acted as the inspector of the ceremony led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the NKRI in front of about three thousand warriors.

In the middle of the scorching heat, As'ad called for the importance of  "striving to continue the struggle of the Muslim scholars" because of their struggle for the nation's independence and called on future generations to be faithful to defend the NKRI.

"We shall fight for Islam and the NKRI. Not only that, We must protect the minorities having remained oppressed. We also have to always keep the teachings of tasamuh (tolerance), tawasuth (moderation), tawazun (balance) and i'tidal (consistency) to keep the NKRI" he added.

The mass rally was the culmination of the Pagar Nusa activities following its National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas) taking the theme "Pagar Nusa Becomes Homeland Fortress from Radicalism and Terrorism Threats". Rapimnas held since 26 March at Pesantren Az zuhri, Ketileng, Semarang.

Chairman of the Pagar Nusa Martial Arts H Aizzuddin "Gus Aiz" Abdurrahman said that the NKRI "is now under threat of disintegration fueled by radical groups, especially ISIS that s gaining a following in the country.

"As part of prevention efforts we must always be vigilant and alert to our surroundings and the environment in which we live. ISIS also has damaged faith and nationalism having flourished in the life of our citizens," Gus Aiz said.

He added, Pagar Nusa had became part of NU and Indonesia. It will keep pesantren, Muslim scholars and clerics, and always keep and maintain the integrity of the NKRI.

"We have to cooperate with the government, because it becomes our responsibility along with the military and police. We inherit the teachings brought by walisongo (nine saints) in spreading Islam wisely," he said, adding that the walisongo did not encourage violence in Islam.

The event was also attended by Indonesian Military (TNI) territorial assistant Maj. Gen. Ngakan Gede Sugiartha Garjitha, who read out a statement by TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko.

Editing Sudarto Murtaufiq