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Santri told to deal with pesantren digital transformation

Santri told to deal with pesantren digital transformation
KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin.(Photo: NU Online)
KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The chairman of Rabithah Ma'ahid Islamiyah of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (RMI PBNU) KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin (Gus Rozin) appealed for digital transformation in the pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) environment to be operated by the santri (students) themselves.


“Santri must be drivers of digital transformation in their respective places. Drivers of digital transformation in Islamic boarding schools should not be carried out by other people (non-Islamic boarding schools), it must be done by the students themselves," said Gus Rozin at the International Webinar themed The 2021 Santri Day Commemoration held by RMI PBNU on Wednesday (20/10/2021).


The digital culture in the pesantren environment, Gus Rozin continued, could only be understood by the pesantren people themselves, namely the santri. "When digital culture comes, thos who can absorb and modify it well are the santri themselves," he said.


To realize it, RMI has held a 4.0 Santri Competition which was realized in collaboration with Amazon Web Service (AWS).


"This 4.0 Competition Program gathers santri who are talented in the digital and application world to encourage digital transformation in Islamic boarding schools to come faster and be driven by the santri themselves," Gus Rozin explained.


2021 Santri Day Commemoration Series

On that occasion, Gus Rozin also revealed that he had prepared many agendas to enliven Santri Day 2021 which was released on September 8th. One of the agendas is the two-day International Webinar on Commemorating Santri Day 2021 (20-21 October 2021).


Another agenda is a thousand Qur'an recitation which will be held on October 21, 2021. "The title is 1,000 khotmil-Qur'an, but more than 2,000 have registered," Gus Rozin added.


In addition, Gus Rozin continued, he had also launched the LPDP Scholarship program for santri who want to continue their master's and doctoral education abroad which will close on 22 October.


"I ask wherever the santri are. If they are interested and have the capability to participate in santri scholarships abroad, go for it. We have to take advantage of this,” Gus Rozin said.


Gus Rozin also said that he would soon launch the so-called Gerakan Pesantren Asuh. The focus of this program is to ease the burden on santri or children who have lost their parents during the pandemic.


Contributor: Muhammad Abror

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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