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Islamic preachers expected to socialize disaster awareness

Islamic preachers expected to socialize disaster awareness
Jakarta, NU Online
The existence of preachers amid society is very ideal in socializing the importance of disaster awareness in reducing risk of unpredictable disasters.

The Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) through the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) will involve preachers in disseminating information about disaster risk reduction in three regencies, namely Pandegelang (Banten), Cilacap (Central Java), and Pacitan (East Java).<>

"They are expected to be able to integrate the importance of disaster risk reduction in their preaching agenda," program manager of the CBDRM, Avianto Muhtadi recently said.

Avianto explained so far the high amounts of disaster victims was one of its causes resulted from the people's lack of awareness of disaster risk.

He said the effort to socialize the awareness was not only duty of government but mass organization like Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).

"The preachers within NU community are part of the very potential and strategic leaders for their direct participation and involvement with people through various religious local forum and by using language easily understood by the people," he said.

Concerning the materials, he said, there were already three manual books that will help preachers in conveying their materials. The books contain Islamic perspectives in dealing with disaster, preaching strategies and the materials on disaster issues.

For each regency, Avianto said, there would be some 30 participants taking part in the purposeful training before being asked to conduct the similar event in five subdistricts that would also be participated by 30 preachers. So there would be 180 ones whose such disaster awareness in each regency, he said.

The training in the form of participatory will introduce materials like Islamic views on nature, the attitude of prophets in facing disaster, Islamic principles in reducing disaster risks, disaster management, decree no. 24 2007 on disaster handling, and so on.

The training in Padeglang will be held on 3-6 August and followed by five subdistricts like Pagelaran, Sumur (Ujung Kulon), Panimbang, Patia, and Carita.

In Cilacap it will be held on 5-8 August and followed by five subdistricts like Adipala, Cilacap Tengah, Sidareja, Majenang, and Kawunganten. While in Pacitan it will be held on 9-12 August and followed by five subdistricts like Pacitan Kota, Tegal Ombo, Nawangan, Arjosari and Tulaan. (mkf)

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