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Residents of Jember wear masks to perform Eid prayers

Residents of Jember wear masks to perform Eid prayers

Jember, NU Online
The residents of Jember in East Java had to wear masks during the Eid prayers, as the volcanic ash from Mount Raung continued to rain down on the district.
"Thank God, the rain of ash is light as compared to that noticed on Thursday night, but we still wear masks to be more comfortable," Fatimah, a villager from Sumbersari, stated.

The volcanic ash continued to fall in several areas of Jember and at night, the city experienced a heavy rain of ash.

Fatimah pointed out that the ash rain had affected the people, as they had to reduce their outdoor activities.

"Children usually conduct a parade to celebrate the eve of Eid in the town's square, but they canceled it last night due to the heavy ash rain," she remarked.

The ash rain on Friday morning failed to discourage Muslims from thronging several locations set for Eid prayers, including the front yard of the Muhammadiyah University.

Mount Raung is one of the active volcanoes on Java Island. It is 3,332 meters above sea level and is located at the border of Jember, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi districts.

It has a 2-kilometer-wide caldera surrounded by a grayish rim. The difference in color of the rim and the flanks of the volcano is caused by the rim's lack of vegetation as compared to the healthy and extensive vegetation on its flanks.

The volcano erupted on Sunday (5/7), spewing a plume of smoke up to 400 meters high in the southeast direction, accompanied by incandescent cinder and lava flows.

Head of Emergency and Logistics Affairs of the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Heru Widagdo had appealed to the people to wear masks when venturing out of their homes. (masdar)

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