LDNU formulates preaching problems and mapping in West Sulawesi

Kam, 10 Juni 2021 | 13:15 WIB

LDNU formulates preaching problems and mapping in West Sulawesi

Preaching. (Photo: NU Online)

Mamuju, NU Online

The West Sulawesi Nahdlatul Ulama Preaching Institution (LDNU) held a working meeting to formulate possible problems and compile a map of preaching in the province. In the working meeting held at Café Pua Kaco Jl RE Martadinata Simboro, Mamuju on Wednesday (9/6), the participants revealed a number of preaching problems.


One of the LDNU board members, KH Syamsumarlin, said that in the context of West Sulawesi, especially in Mamuju as the center of the province capital, it was urgent to present a detailed preaching mapping.


“We have to know which areas really need special handling. Or probably, for example, there are areas that we think are necessary to get enlightenment, especially related to the national insights, and so on,” he said, adding that the Nahdliyin preachers were also increasingly challenged to really focus on the preaching agenda.


At the same time, Ustadz Sahlan said in terms of the complex preaching field, the Nahdliyin preachers must show their competence.


"Including in it they must keep caring for and maintain the trust of the people while continuing to be consistent (istiqamah) in carrying out best practices that prioritize morality in all lines of preaching life," he said.


It is no less important, he continued, to continue to maintain the scientific tradition as a means of maintaining scientific insight. Without adequate knowledge in terms of preaching, it would be difficult to provide spiritual enlightenment in the midst of the people.


"Besides we talk about developing scientific insights, never forget that at NU we are taught to maintain character, maintain attitudes, and have a strong stand. So I hope all of us (preachers) to pay more attention to these things," another participant, KH Yading Syarif, said.


For this reason, in the future, the position of the LDNU chapter of West Sulawesi should be able to contribute to to build civilization through institutional strengthening, unifying visions and continuing to be committed to maintaining the principles of propriety as the agent of preaching.


“Concretely, this community demands us as preachers to have specifications in presenting preaching materials," another participant Juraeri Tahir said, adding that the LDNU had strategic roles to realize the purpesful agenda.


Meanwhile, the chairman of the LDNU chapter of West Sulawesi, Nur Salim Ismail, said that in the future, the internal consolidation of the NU preachers needs to be further intensified.


“Thus, through this formal inaugural meeting, we hope that in the near future, we will establish LDNUs at the district level. Then we will submit reports to both the executive board (Tanfidziyah) and the chairman of the NU advisory board (Rais Syuriah), God willing," he told NU Online.


Contributor: Muhammad Faizin

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq