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Nahdliyin told to internalize Aswaja values

Sab, 17 April 2021 | 05:57 WIB

Nahdliyin told to internalize Aswaja values

Safari Ramadan 1442 H

Banyuwangi, NU Online
The Nahdlatul Ulama  chapter (MWCNU) of Banyuwangi subdistrict held the so-called Safari Ramadan 1442 H. This event was held for the first time at the Baitur Ridwan Mosque, Kampungmelayu Village, Banyuwangi subdistrict, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Friday (16/4).


Secretary of the Advisory Board of MWCNU Banyuwangi Ahmad Sakur Isnaini said the values ​​of Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah taught and having become the way of life for the country's largest Muslim organization were not only important to be maintained and prserved by the NU followers (Nahdliyin).


"On this stand, these (Aswaja) values must be internalized in the midst of everyday people's lives by adjusting the rhythm and typology of the community. Moreover, in the urban sub-district that is actually an area in the heart of the district," Ustadz Sakur said, adding that the ways of preaching had to be in line with its context, because each region has its own characteristics and culture.


"Moreover, the culture of urban society is very mobile and dynamic. This is where Aswaja's shared religious understanding must find its relevance amidst the swift currents of various understandings. Do not let the preaching become dim and unattractive," Ustadz Sakur said.


At the same time, the Deputy Chairperson of the MWCNU Banyuwangi Nur Hapipi said, the urgency of the  quantity of Nahdliyin must be balanced with proportional quality.


He explained, the steps could be started through the strength of management and organizational strategy formulas. All this must be in accordance with the roadmap having been determined through various work programs.


"All congregational entities need to be managed seriously in line with the diversity and the expertise of each in it," he said, adding that all this was in need of disciplines of health, economics, strategists, to technical roles.


"As Rasulullah SAW has provided the best example to his people directly. How Prophet Muhammad SAW collaborated with his companion Usman bin Affan RA. In fact, his wife, Siti Khodijah, was a merchant figure," he said.