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Is Friday Prayer for women replacing Dhuhr Prayer?

Is Friday Prayer for women replacing Dhuhr Prayer?
Generally Friday prayers in most mosques around the world are performed only by men. But we find also in several mosques in the country that Friday prayers were also followed by women. They usually take a special place inside the mosque, listening to the sermon, then following the whole procession of two congregational prayers to the end.

We know, Friday prayer is fardhu 'ain carried out in congregation for every Muslim man that is mukallaf and is not a traveler or because of other obstacles. While for women it is not obliged. The raising question is that, if women who follow the Friday prayer, does it abort their dhuhr prayer obligations? In other words, is the Friday prayer for women enough to replace the dhuhr prayer (no need to pray dhuhr again)? Then, which is more important for them: dhuhr prayer in congregation with other women or Friday prayer?

The same question was also raised at the 3rd NU Congress held in Surabaya, East Java, on 28 September 1928. The muktamirin then came to an answer, "Friday prayer for women is enough as a substitute for dhuhr prayer, and for not pretty, overacting and preening women should go to attend Friday prayer."

The answer refers to the explanation in the Bughyah al-Mustarsyidin which states:
 مسألة: يجوز لمن لا تلزمه الجمعة كعبد ومسافر وامرأة أن يصلي الجمعة بدلا عن الظهر وتجزئه بل هي أفضل لأنها فرض أهل الكمال ولا تجوز إعادتها ظهرا بعد حيث كملت شروطها.

"It is permissible for those who are not obliged on Friday like slaves, travelers, and women to perform the Friday prayer as a substitute for Zhuhur, even (performing) Friday prayer is better, because it is a duty for those who have perfectly qualified and should not be repeated by performing Dhuhur prayer thereafter, for all conditions are completely fulfilled. "(Abdurrahman Ba'alawi, Bughyah al-Mustarsyidin, [Egypt: Mustafa al-Halabi, 1371 AH / 1952 CE], pp. 78-79).

Thus, women who have performed the Friday prayer no longer need to perform dhuhur prayer. In fact, women are more likely to follow Friday prayer than dhuhur prayer even though they are in congregation with other women, given they are not the ones who have the potential to invite lust for men, because of their appearance and behavior. Wallâhu a'lam. (Mahbib/Masdar)

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