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Terrorism has no religion: Sheikh As-Sudais

Terrorism has no religion: Sheikh As-Sudais
Riyadh, NU Online
General President of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Prophet`s Mosque in Medina Sheikh Abdurrahman As-Sudais stressed that ideology and acts of terrorism were contrary to the teachings of Islam that promotes compassion and tolerance.

"Terrorism has no religion and culture. However, several parties are trying to change the image of Islam," Sheikh As-Sudais noted in a statement via a short message service received by Antara here over the weekend.

Sheikh remarked that the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always conveyed Islamic messages based on compassion, tolerance, and coexistence; supported moderation; and highlighted the image of civilized Muslims to dispel allegations of terrorism over Islam.

While addressing several countries' journalists that had recently met him, Sheikh As-Sudais noted that the mass media had a major responsibility of representing the pulse of all Muslim nations in the world.

He also stressed that journalists have the ability to change public opinion on Islam.

"Allah will ask you on the Day of Resurrection for every single word you wrote," he noted.

Sheikh emphasized that the Holy Lands are the place of worship and not to campaign for political slogans and religious sects.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trusted by Allah to guard the two Holy Mosques, so the kingdom is concerned about security and peace in it," Sheikh As-Sudais emphasized.

Sheikh expressed keenness to continue to care for all Muslims, consolidate relations, and uphold solidarity among members of the Islamic nation under the circumstances experienced by the Islamic nation.

Sheikh As-Sudais is scheduled to deliver the Arafat sermon during the 1439 Hijri/2018 Hajj season to be broadcast in five languages -- Malay (Indonesian), Urdu, Persian, French, and English -- through five different radio frequencies.

The translation of the Arafat sermon under a project of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to ensure that Hajj pilgrims and Muslims around the world listen to and understand the contents of the Arafat sermon in Arabic.

The Saudi Arabian government has announced that Eid al-Adha 1439 Hijri will fall on August 21, 2018. Thus, the implementation of Hajj will begin on August 19 (8 Zulhijja) until August 23, 2018 (12 Zulhijja). (Masdar)

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