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Consequences if young generation not well-educated

Consequences if young generation not well-educated
KH Zakky Mubarak.(Photo: NU Online)
KH Zakky Mubarak.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

If we want to know how the next generation will be, then we could identify their situation in today's formation of the generation. If the lives of today's young generation are not well educated, formed as future leaders, then the situation of the next generation will experience a decline and fragility.


Chairman of the Advisory Board (Rais Syuriyah) of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), KH Zakky Mubarak said in an upload on his Facebook, Zakky Mubarak Syamrakh, emphasizing that the current generation plays an important role in educating the younger generation.


"If the current generation is able to shape its youth as an educated and directed generation and have excellent abilities, they will be able to give birth to a strong and resilient generation, that is able to produce great works for the community and the nation," Kiai Zakky was quoted by NU Online as saying, Thursday (28/10/2021).


In historical reality, Kiai Zakky explained, there were many lives of a great nation, but they are not able to form the expected next generation.


"In the end, the great nation disappeared, or became a small group that was no longer taken into account by other nations," the author of the Menjadi Cendekiawan Muslim said.


Fragile generation

Kiai Zakky emphasized that every ummah could not be separated from the life of the next generation. This generation is sometimes able to maintain the noble values ​​of their leaders and predecessors, so that they remain victorious.


The Senior Lecturer at the University of Indonesia (UI) added that there was also a fragile generation, namely a generation that is unable to maintain the noble values, they ignore the goodness of the past generations.


"This fragile generation is usually characterized by a life that is not patterned, likes to waste time, likes to spend time, talks a lot, and is not good at work."


According to him, the work ethic of this generation is very low and their ideals have been eroded from their chests, their desires have weakened and their spirits have loosened even more.


The fragile generation that has fallen into disgrace, Kiai Zakky continued, was usually characterized by chaos, ugliness and tyranny as well as despicable actions. Even tyranny and bad deeds have spread to such an extent that they seem normal and ordinary.


"If this phenomenon occurs in the midst of society, then every Muslim must try to eliminate and eradicate it in a wise way. If there is no effort to eliminate injustice and evil, then his faith has been released from his chest," the author of the Riyadhul Mu'min said.


Reporter: Fathoni Ahmad

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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