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RMINU breaks world record through 2021 National Santri Day commemoration

RMINU breaks world record through 2021 National Santri Day commemoration
RMINU breaks world record.(Photo: NU Online)
RMINU breaks world record.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The National Santri Day commemoration organized by Rabithah Ma'had Islamiyah, of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (RMI-PBNU) broke a world record.


Thanks to the enthusiasm of all students (santri) in Indonesia in participating in the commemoration of the santri day, the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) awarded it with a MURI record certificate in the category of 'Commemoration of Religious Holidays with the Most Live Media Broadcasts'.


Chairman of MURI, Jaya Suprana expressed his pride and admiration for NU. He said that the award was well deserved by NU, apart from being the largest organization in the world, it has also managed to set a new world record.


"The commemoration of 2021 (National) Santri Day is even more lively because NU has not only created new records and Indonesian records, but also world records," said Jaya Suprana at the peak night event for the 2021 National Santri Day at the PBNU headquarters, Friday (10/22/2021).


"NU is indeed the largest religious organization in the world," he continued.


He claimed that commemoration had never happened in any country, even in the world, there had never been a major religious activity that received this much attention from the media.


"This is indeed, because (besides Indonesia) in the world there has never been a religious holiday activity with a live broadcast of more than 500 media," he said.


It is known that the MURI record certificate for the category of 'Commemoration of Religious Holidays with the Most Live Media Broadcasts' was handed over to the Chairman of RMI-PBNU, KH Abdul Ghofar Rozin (Gus Rozin) and witnessed directly by the General Chairman of PBNU, KH Said Aqil Siroj.


"In commemoration of this (National) Santri Day, I am very proud. I am sure that if Gus Dur's spirit sees this, he (Gus Dur) will also be proud because here is a big NU family," Suprana added.


Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Gus Rozin said that in the next few weeks he would launch the so-called Gerakan Pesantren  Asuh.


"There are many students (santri) who have lost their guardians, there are many santri who have also lost their guardians. We took the initiative to make a movement to bring together Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) or anyone who has a concern to support the orphans in the pesantren or to invite the orphans who are not yet at the pesantren but their parents left them during this pandemic to study at the pesantren," he said.


In addition, on the peak night, RMI PBNU also launched the Santri Talent Scholarship program which was immediately opened by the Minister of Manpower, Hj Ida Fauziyah.


Contributor: Syifa Arrahmah

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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