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Gus Miftah wins three unique and inspiring records

Gus Miftah wins three unique and inspiring records
Gus Miftah wins three unique and inspiring records.(Photo: NU Online)
Gus Miftah wins three unique and inspiring records.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) young preacher (dai) KH Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman (Gus Miftah) received three awards given by the Indonesian World Achievement Institute (Leprid). He received these awards at an event at the Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School (pesantren) in Sleman, Yogyakarta, on Saturday (15/1/2022).


Quoted from the Leprid official website, the alumnus of the Bustanul Ulum Jayasakti Islamic Boarding School in Lampung got quite unique and inspiring records from the Religious and Social categories.


First, Gus Miftah got a record for the achievement of the blangkon auction with a price of Rp. 900 million, which were handed over to the Charity Box (Kotak Infak/Koin) at the NU 34th Congress in Lampung.


Second, Gus Miftah received a record as the preacher whose the most pictures are on the truck body. Third, Gus Miftah received a record as the first preacher in the world who has consistently carried out da'wah (propagation) in prostitution complexes since 2000.


The three records in the form of medals and certificates were handed over directly by the General Chairman and Director of Leprid Paulus Pangka to Gus Miftah.


Paulus Pangka said that Gus Miftah's missionary journey began when he was 21 years old. Different from other preachers, Gus Miftah focuses more on preaching for the marginalized, through da'wah both inside and outside the pesantren.


"Although initially there were many challenges, but now a number of nightlife workers have accepted his presence and a number of them shed tears and then began to slowly change their behavior," said Paulus.


On account of these awards, Gus Miftah expressed his gratitude for the appreciation given by Leprid. He stated that what he had done so far was not intended to get appreciation.


"Many people insult, berate, bully but there is no problem. Everything is arruju'u ilallah, return it to Allah," he said at the event which coincided with the inauguration of the pesantren's male dormitory.


Gus Miftah, who is identical with sunglasses in preaching, is indeed an eccentric figure in preaching. He was the figure guiding the prominent mentalist Deddy Cobuzier when he made the two creeds when he embraced Islam.


Around the 2000s, Gus Miftah had a strong determination to preach in Pasar Kembang (Sarkem), a prostitution area in Yogyakarta. This determination appeared when he often prayed tahajjud at a mosque around Sarkem. At that time he was accompanied by Gunardi or Gun Jack, the figure who became the ruler of the Sarkem area at that time.


Since the da'wah activity, religious studies were routinely held by Gus Miftah. Although initially there were many challenges, now a number of night workers have accepted his presence. Not infrequently, during the religious gathering, a number of night workers shed tears and began to realize and change their behavior slowly.


Not stopping at prostitution complexes, Gus Miftah's missionary journey then continued to cafes, nightclubs and the so-called salon plus-plus. At first he entered the places because he found complaints from night workers who had difficulty in getting access to religious studies.


When they came to religious gatherings outside they admitted to being the subject of gossip. On the other hand, there were no religious gatherings available in their workplace.


Unlike in the past for being rejected when he wanted to preach at religious gatherings, now many night workers feel the need to get the religious gatherings.


Even many night workers have then migrated for the better life. Since the last five years, Maulana Habib Luthfi bin Yahya has supported his steps in Pekalongan, Central Java.


Reporter: Muhammad Faizin

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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