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Innalillah, Rais Syuriyah of PCINU UK passes away

Innalillah, Rais Syuriyah of PCINU UK passes away
Rais Syuriyah PCINU UK. (Photo: NU Online)
Rais Syuriyah PCINU UK. (Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun. Chairman of the Advisory Board (Rais Syuriyah) of the UK Nahdlatul Ulama Special Branch Board (PCINU), Didiek S Wiyono, passed away in Solo, Central Java, on Wednesday (16/6).


"The death of Pakdhe Kiai Didiek S. Wiyono, Ph.D (Rais Syuriah UK PCINU), today Wednesday, June 16, 2021,"  Secretary of the UK PCINU Munawir Aziz told NU Online here on Wednesday (16/6).


Munawir said that Didiek really paid more attention to and took care of NU in the UK and other countries. As Rais Syuriyah, the deceased often participated directly in keeping up with the implementation of NU programs.


Due to his scientific base in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Munawir added, Didiek had always supported any technological innovation. He recently completed his doctoral studies at a university in Southampton last year and had devoted himself to teaching at Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta.


Munawir was of the opinion that the 46 year old academic had always supported various efforts in dealing with the economic improvement for NU members (Nahdliyin). This could be seen from his initiation in forming the NU Care Institute for Infaq, Zakat, and Alms of the UK Nahdlatul Ulama.


"Didiek is really concerned (focused) on forming NU Care LAZISNU," he said, adding that when the Covid-19 Pandemic began to hit the world, the deceased said that it was important to have NU Care LAZISNU in the UK and other countries as a means to help many people.


"His initiation has succeeded in helping so many people," Munawir said.


That is the testimony of Munawir, who often met and was together almost every day because the two had lived in the same city for several years.


"That's what I've seen myself (about the late). We are together almost every day. In recent years, we have lived  together in Southampton," he said.


Munawir asked for prayers to all Nahdliyin for the deceased. "For all my brothers and sisters, let us pray for the deceased, Al-Fatihah..." he concluded.


Reporter: Syakir NF

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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