NU Coin, Nahdliyin independence for the benefit of the ummah

Jum, 15 Oktober 2021 | 11:49 WIB

NU Coin, Nahdliyin independence for the benefit of the ummah

KH Mujib Qulyubi.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Sharia Supervisory Board of the Central Board of NU Care-Nahdlatul Ulama Amil Zakat, Infak and Sedekah Institution (LAZISNU), KH Mujib Qulyubi, emphasized that the NU Infak Box (Coin) philanthropy movement could be an inherent feature of NU apart from its amaliyah (ways of worship).


"There is a fundamental problem regarding the viewpoints of NU people that it is limited to the practice of Nahdliyah. Like being fluent in chanting 'Wallahul muwafiq ila aqwamith thoriq, every prayer reads 'Sayyidina', the call to prayer is twice every Friday, or the tarawih is 20 cycles. All this is considered NU," said Kiai Mujib while speaking at the LAZISNU World Philanthropy Study, Friday (15/10/2021).


According to him, this is like confining NU in the realm of amaliah alone. Meanwhile, there are still fikrah (thoughts) and harakah (movements) of nahdliyah. Therefore, by carrying out the NU Coin philanthropy movement initiated by NU Care-LAZISNU, he hoped that this movement could strengthen NU in the harakah pillar.


"A community without economic movements, education movements, health movements, is not perfect for that community," he explained.


Being a servant who is loved by Allah SWT, Kiai Mujib added, was not enough to be memorizers of the Qur'an, worshippers, be diligent in fasting, and perform tahajjud every night. The effort is not complete without providing benefits to others. Kiai Mujib also illustrated how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became a Muslim.


"I illustrated that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) before becoming a prophet became a pious person. But once he became a prophet, then he was a Muslim. I analogize this, being a diligent and active philanthropic activist, I think, will benefit others," he explained.


On that occasion, he hoped that the movement could be carried out well for the benefit of the community.


"This harakah needs to be built through LAZISNU to our congregation. Don't be satisfied if NU's amaliyah is already vibrant and advanced, but its harakah is nil," Kiai Mujib concluded.


About NU Coin

The NU Coin (Infak Box) is a collective movement carried out massively by all Nahdliyin by utilizing the existing structural network. The most appropriate NU structure network moves the LAZISNU's  NU Coin ranging from the central to the village level.


The results collected are used for the benefit of the community such as building the NU offices, for education, scholarships for underprivileged Ma'arif NU children, for the poor, and orphans.


Contributor: Nuriel Shiami Indiraphasa

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq