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NU Congress launches center for world peace studies

NU Congress launches center for world peace studies
Program Commission Session at Bandarlampung's NU 34th Congress.(Photo: NU Online)
Program Commission Session at Bandarlampung's NU 34th Congress.(Photo: NU Online)

Bandarlampung, NU Online

The Program Commission of the Bandarlampung's NU 34th Congress launched the establishment of a Center for World Peace Studies which is involved in international forums and the resolution of various international conflicts.


Secretary of the Program Commission, Rumadi Ahmad, in the Program Commission Session at the Graha Bintang, Malahayati University, Lampung, Thursday (12/23/20210) said the NU's role in promoting peace, including conflict resolution in various parts of the world, should to be continued and increased.


"NU must take on the role of peacemaker in regional conflicts in order to create harmonious relations between countries, such as conflicts in South Asia and the Middle East," he said while presiding over the session.


In addition to contributing to conflict resolution, he explained, the NU's commitment to building world peace was through the Hijaz Committee as a form of NU's active diplomacy to the government of Saudi Arabia so that the spiritual sites of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions are not destroyed.


NU, said Rumadi, must also play a role in creating an order of international relations in the political and economic fields with dignity and mutual need, because no single country is able to meet its own needs.


"International politics is characterized by always seeking, adding, and maintaining power which must be carried out dynamically," explained the man from Jepara, Central Java.


Furthermore, he revealed, actually the discourse on establishing a center for world peace studies referred to the NU symbol which uses the symbol of a globe, a sign that the kiai of pesantren at that time were also global minded. So, it is understandable if today NU has a global vision of human peace.


"Let's just look at the NU symbol. It clearly illustrates the NU's global vision of creating world peace through NU cadres who have diplomacy and conflict resolution skills," he said.


NU's footsteps in overcoming global conflict

It is noted that NU has contributed to the peace process in Afghanistan which is still ongoing today. Several NU clerics (kiai) came to Afghanistan for dialogue, friendship, and gave each other an understanding of the importance of peace. From that dialogue, there emerged the initiation of peace between the tribes in the country moderated by the kiai of the pesantren.


There, NU offered ideas and mechanisms to reconcile religion and the state, as part of Islamic-national life. This process has continued until now, with the formation of NU Afghanistan, which has become a pioneer of peace and a common home between Muslims there. This effort was taking place with the support of the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In the Middle East conflict area, for a long time, NU has prepared strategic efforts to build peace between conflicting countries, especially Israel-Palestine. Since the leadership of KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), NU has initiated dialogues to support Israeli-Palestinian peace.


This was done, because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict affected the political constellation of the Middle East, and even the world's diplomatic map. Building peace in the Middle East could not be separated from handling the long conflict between Israel and Palestine.


Now, the peace diplomacy is being continued by Gus Dur's cadre, KH Yahya Cholil Staquf (Gus Yahya), by making peace offers for Israel-Palestine.


In addition, in several crisis areas, such as Syria, Yemen, or Uighur in China, NU has encouraged peace, either by sending delegates or by providing moral support for peace at the international level.


Reporter: Syifa Arrahmah

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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