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PMII.ID launch to welcome digital transformation

PMII.ID launch to welcome digital transformation
Digital Talk.(Photo: NU Online)
Digital Talk.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Central Board of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PB PMII) through the Management of Media and Public Communications launched PMII.ID at Mercure Hotel Cikini, Central Jakarta, Saturday (8/10/2021).


PMII.ID is the official website of PB PMII containing PMII profiles and digital content based on Islam and Indonesia. The launch of the PMII.ID is carried out to welcome the rapidly growing digital transformation in Indonesia.


Deputy Secretary General of PB PMII Hamas Nahdly said the PMII.ID site was built and developed by PMII cadres who are currently active as PMII Executive Board for the Period 2021-2024. The presence of PMII's official website was considerably useful for introducing PMII's vision and mission to the public, especially PMII students and cadres from Sabang to Merauke, he added.


"Later, there will be various information related to PMII and Islamic and Indonesian-based content," Hamas said, adding that PMII as a student organization definitely had a brand. "So far, PMII's brands, namely santri, gloves, technological stutterers, protesters and academics are in doubt," said Hamas.


The presence of the site developed by PMII cadres is expected to shift the PMII brand. "That PMII is able to create human resources who are able to compete globally and can adapt to the times," he added.


Director of the Institute for Development Profession of IT PB PMII, Ircham Ali said, a web-based application framework with landingpage and multipage concepts was presented with the concept of organizational information or company profile. On the PMII.ID website, PMII cadres could find articles, management structures, documents to the integration of PB PMII social media.


In addition, the articles that appear are not only informational, but also contain education needed by students such as essays and research results. This site also involves PMII in the regions, if it is possible PMII.ID will be integrated with PMII sites in each region.


"This version of the web is still very simple, of course it needs a lot of criticism or suggestions from all parties for future improvements. Friends of PMII who are passionate about writing could contribute to becoming writers who are guided directly by the PB PMII media team," he said.


The launch of PMII.ID was followed by a Digital Talk activity discussing the transformation of digital media as an organizational communication space. Present on the occasion were the General Chairman of Creative Cyber, Yosi Mokalu, Account Director Fabulo PR Tanya Amalia Maulani and NU Online Managing Editor Mahbib Khoiron as speakers.


Reporter: Abdul Rahman Ahdori

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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