Unisla hands over Rp. 103 million of Congress Coin to the committee

Kam, 9 Desember 2021 | 14:41 WIB

Unisla hands over Rp. 103 million of Congress Coin to the committee

Unisla symbolically hands over financial assistance for the NU 34th Congress Infak "Coin" Box.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Islamic University of Lamongan (Unisla) in East Java has symbolically handed over the funds for the NU 34th Congress Infak Box (Coin) to the organizing committee of the NU Congress on Thursday (9/12/2021).


"Hereupon, we symbolically hand over Rp103 million through Bank Mandiri, to an account having been appointed by the Central Board of NU (PBNU). We officially hand over the Congress Coin, witnessed by all lecturers, students, employees, foundation administrators, and NU leaders who were present. Bismillahirrahmani, we hand it over," said the rector of Unisla H Bambang Eko Muljono.


The Congress Coin raising at Unisla, said Bambang, was an effort to make the NU Congress successful, which will be held on December 23-25 ​​in Lampung. The Congress Coin raising at Unisla involved some 5,600 students, 300 lecturers, and 150 employees.


"Therefore, on behalf of Unisla, your infaq in order to make the NU 34th Congress successful is because all of us under the NU Higher Education Institution (LPTNU) should take part in its success," said Bambang.


Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the NU 34th Congress, KH M Imam Aziz, expressed his gratitude for the support from Unisla for the success of the NU Congress. The Congress Coin funds amounted to Rp. 103 million, said Kiai Imam, was expected to benefit all parties.


"I, as the Organizing Committee Chief of the NU 34th Congress, today am very happy to receive a donation of Rp. 103 million in cash. All praise is due to Allâh, the Lord of the Worlds. Besides moral support, this is a very real one,” said Kiai Imam Aziz in his remarks.


"Thank you for the participation of Unisla and the whole extended family. Hopefully this charity can provide the maximum reward and benefit for all parties," he added.


Similarly, the Deputy Chairman of the NU Higher Education Institution (LPTNU) Muhammad Afifi also appreciated the Unisla's participation.


He also mentioned that Unisla was one of the NU universities that pioneered to always contribute to all NU activities.


"Thanks so much. Unisla is a pioneer and the first time that a PTNU can contribute. We have some 278 PTNUs, all gathered to realize the ideals of NU. We have been pushing since 2019, and this was again proposed by Unisla," said Muhammad Afifi.


Contributor: Nuriel Shiami Indiraphasa

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq