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NU Congress committee continues to work on preparing infrastructure

NU Congress committee continues to work on preparing infrastructure
Kiai Imam Aziz.(Photo: NU Online)
Kiai Imam Aziz.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) has not set a definite schedule for the NU 34th Congress in Lampung Province, which was originally to be held on December 23-25, 2021. Even so, the Organizing Committee Chief of the NU 34th Congress, Kiai Imam Aziz, ensured the committee had continued to work, especially in setting up various infrastructure and internet signals.


“We, the committee, continue to carry out our duties to prepare for this congress, including preparing its infrastructure. This is still running in Lampung," said Kiai Imam Aziz when holding a press conference for the NU 34th Congress Charity Concert, on the 5th floor of the PBNU Building, Jalan Kramat Raya 164, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11/2021).


At the Darussa'adah Islamic Boarding School (pesantren), Central Lampung Regency, it is still prepared the completion of the procurement of rooms for particpants' beds, toilets, and various other sanitation equipment. In addition, the construction of the NU Congress Hall at the Darussa'adah Islamic Boarding School for the opening ceremony is also ongoing.


“Then there are preparations to increase the strength of the wifi signal, we are also working there. So, we have prepared this until now and hopefully this can find a solution to solve it," explained Kiai Imam.


All tasks carried out by the NU Congress Committee, especially at the Darussa'adah Islamic Boarding School, require extraordinary efforts. This, Kiai Imam asserted, was the NU's step to raise the pesantren which currently acts as a stronghold of Islam rahmatan lil 'alamin.


In addition, the NU Digital Congress Coin also continues to be promoted through collaboration with NU Care-LAZISNUs. Kiai Imam hoped that the congress coin was a favorable instrument to make NU an independent and dignified organization.


"I think this is a great appreciation and it shows that NU is very capable of being independent and dignified through the congress coin," he said.


Digital Congress Coin could be accessed through the official NU Care-LAZISNU website https://nucare.id/program/koinmuktamar. The provisional acquisition of digital congress coins as of November 30, 2021 has currently reached Rp1,107,799,968, which was contributed by 1202 donors out of a total target of Rp5 billion. The NU congress coin is still open for the next 22 days.


Reporter: Aru Lego Triono

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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