The spirit of NU congress is deliberation, Prof. Nuh says

Kam, 25 November 2021 | 21:52 WIB

The spirit of NU congress is deliberation, Prof. Nuh says

Prof. M. Nuh.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

Chairman of the Steering Committee for the NU 34th Congress, Prof. Muhammad Nuh, emphasized that the congress must be carried out in a cool condition and littered fully with deliberation given it is the spirit of the much-awaited congress.


“The deliberation must totally be taken into account. Only if there is no other way, then voting," said Prof. Nuh in the Pre-Congress Webinar entitled The Projection of NU Independence Towards the Second Century, Thursday (11/25/2021).


Furthermore, he invited the congress participants (muktamirin) to avoid disputes. If there is a dispute, said Prof. Nuh, NU would lose three things at once, namely energy, chance or opportunity, and blessing.


Prof Nuh said that the journey of NU entering its 100 years old had marked the ability of the organization to deal with any possible disputes through deliberation.


He also reminded that if NU wanted to have independence at the age of one century, it must play a strategic role to make things possible. According to him, if NU is still working in 'possible' areas, it will never find a breakthrough.


“We have to shift, those who used to work in the 'possible' areas should now be looking for the 'impossible' areas to make them possible. If that is possible, God willing (NU independence) will soon be realized," he said.


Currently, he stressed that NU must immediately transform intangible assets into tangible ones and real power. This statement was made when Prof. Nuh held talks with KH Ma'ruf Amin as the Chairman of the NU 34th Congress Tahkim Council.


"When visiting Kiai Ma'ruf, he said, never go back and forth about jihad resolution. Because that's what our parents got rewarded for first, because they were the ones who did it. But now what to do? That means, jihad resolution is an intangible asset. Now is the time for us to convert it into real assets and real power,” he said.


As the chairman of the Steering Committee of the NU Congress, Prof. Nuh explained that currently he was building various strategic thoughts by inviting experts from Islamic boarding schools (pesantren), autonomous bodies, universities, or individuals to be invited to think about NU's strategies in entering its second 100 years.


"So this is very serious. So that if these machines move and they are willing to convey their views so that they add ownership (a sense of ownership). It's expensive," he said.


Because looking far ahead, NU now has to be able to understand the various factors that influence decision making, including the use of various available resources.


Then it is formulated, such as the goals of NU which are already in the basic qanun or AD/ART which could be translated in a contemporary way. From there, strategic programs for the long term or a five-year work program are created, all of which could be calculated and measured.


“We want to enter the era of the next 100 years, we must be manageable, using modern management approaches. So everything could be calculated and measured,” Prof. Nuh concluded.


Reporter: Aru Lego Triono

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq