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Two basic capitals for knitting nationality according to Gus Baha

Two basic capitals for knitting nationality according to Gus Baha
KH A Bahauddin Nursalim (Gus Baha).(Photo: NU Online)
KH A Bahauddin Nursalim (Gus Baha).(Photo: NU Online)

Rembang, NU Online

Chairman of the Advisory Board (Rais Syuriyah) of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) KH A Bahauddin Nursalim (Gus Baha) explained the two basic capitals in knitting nationality in Indonesia, namely social system and feeling happy with ourselves.


Gus Baha made the remarks at the 10th anniversary of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) which was broadcast live from the Institute for Education and Development of the Qur'an Sciences (LP3iA) Kragan Rembang, Central Java.


“Knitting nationality starts with maintaining the social system. Second, being happy with our selves. Enjoy the gift that God has given," he explained here on Friday (11/19/2021).


According to him, the big capital in knitting nationality is a good social system that has been running for years in society. Long before a formal system such as the Ministry of Social Affairs which deals with assistance for the poor implemented in Indonesia. The social system already applies, namely sharing food with neighbors.


Even during the war for independence, the community helped the fighters by providing food stocks during the guerrilla. Without provisions, fighters may not be strong in fighting.


“Which one is better the cleric's working system or the modern one? Both are just as good. Modern systems such as social services are useful for big and not urgent things. The cleric-style social system is useful for urgent matters," he explained.


Gus Baha gave an example, when an accident occurs, according to a cleric-style social system, those closest to him must help. They don't wait for traffic units to arrive. Likewise, when someone is drowning, those closest to him must help.


"If it is the kiai, everyone is helped. If it is modern, there is a working system. You don't have to wait for traffic units to deal with accidents. If you find a drowning person, if you can, then please help. Don't wait for SAR," said the son of KH Nur Salim.


He said the function of the social system could be seen during the Covid-19 pandemic. The social system could work massively. People have helped each other and sent medicines or foods. No religion or ethnicity.


In some areas, there are many mosques next to the church conducting social activities. Many Muslims work alongside Christians. This is a good social capital. It's been fine from the start. From the beginning, the community farming system has also been running without any government meetings.


"Don't let official formal institutions exist, then eliminate social order. We support the official service model system. However, the social system is everything," said Gus Baha.


According to Gus Baha, it is important to explain this social system so that everyone has a social responsibility to the surrounding environment. So that he or she is responsive to every event that occurs instead of being left behind.


Responsiveness means starting from the smallest cycle, namely himself then his family and then the surrounding community. If there are children who are neglected then their responsibility is the parents,instead of blaming the government.


"People who have social responsibility do not easily blame others when a disaster occurs. Because everyone has a responsibility in the social system. They are not thrown into the official service," said Gus Baha.


He added that the capital of knitting a second nationality is being happy with ourselves. Happiness here does not mean selfishness, but accepting the existing favors and not being busy seeing other people's favors.


Often someone says that other people have a good life and all their wishes are easy to achieve. So he wants to seize the favors of others. That's not the case though. Many things could not be realized only with money.


"The blessing of taking care of our selves and our own family is that we don't blame others. That is good. There's no conflict," he said.


Gus Baha gave an example, rich people may not necessarily be able to realize all their desires with their assets. This is because everyone's desires are different. Rich people may not want to eat well anymore, but want to serve and it never comes true because they are not elected.


"Everyone has their own portion and ability. Focus on self-ability. Religion does not teach to do beyond ability or envy," he said.


Contributor: Syarif Abdurrahman

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq


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