Pagar Nusa Magelang regrets already planned action at Borobudur Temple

Sel, 5 September 2017 | 06:10 WIB

Magelang, NU Online
The Magelang chapter of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Martial Arts Pagar Nusa said it is really inappropriate if humanitarian action to defend Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar, is held at the Borobudur Temple for it not only belongs to Buddhists, but is a cultural heritage of the Indonesian nation as a whole.

Chairman of Pagar Nusa Magelang Khamid Zen responded to the action that will be done by some groups on Friday, 8 September ahead. According to him, in the name of humanity, NU, including Pagar Nusa strongly condemns the Rohingnya ethnic slaughter committed by the Myanmar's junta.

"As a resident of Magelang district, I do refuse any action done at the Borobudur Temple, considering Borobudur is a world heritage which must be protected, guarded and preserved. Borobudur Temple is not only owned by Buddhists, but is the cultural heritage of the Indonesian nation,"  he told NU Online here on Tuesday (5/9).

He appealed to all organizations that will participate in the inappropriate action do paye more attention to the importance of effective and peaceful measures by maintaining interfaith brotherhood, mutual respect and maintaining diversity.

Meanwhile, the Executive Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board, Robikin Emhas said NU also asked the Indonesian government to take a diplomatic action to stop massacre in Rakhine State and give humanitarian aid to the victims.

According to Emhas, Indonesia is the only country that is trusted and permitted by the Myanmar government to conduct humanitarian activities in Myanmar.

He said Indonesia should utilize the trust and opportunity to give humanitarian aid to the Rohingya people.

Emhas said the Indonesian people should not be provoked and respond excessively to the situation.

"We should not stop violence by implementing violence moreover on the pretext of defending religion," Emhas added.

One of the important religious teachings is creating peace and harmony among people, he noted. (Abdullah Alawi/Masdar)