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Pesantrenpreneur builds pesantren economic independence and santri skills

Pesantrenpreneur builds pesantren economic independence and santri skills
2021 Pesantrenpreneur program.(Photo: NU Online)
2021 Pesantrenpreneur program.(Photo: NU Online)

Jakarta, NU Online

The Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Menpora RI) Zainudin Amali launched the 2021 Pesantrenpreneur program as one of a series of commemorations of the 39th Youth Pledge Day.
Together with the Coordinating Minister for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartanto, he launched the program at the launch of the Youth Month and Kick Off Pesantrenpreneur 2021 on Tuesday.


The Pesantrenpreneur program is one of the efforts made by the government to build the economic independence of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) and the skills of students (santri). As the current generation, students are expected to have certain skills needed by the community.


"In addition, the Pesantrenpreneur program is also expected to encourage the growth of the independence of Islamic boarding schools and also as an economic driver for the community around the pesantren environment," Airlangga Hartanto said in his speech.


"I do appreciate the Ministry of Youth and Sports for making such an extraordinary event, supporting and turning Islamic boarding schools into the center of the people's economy," Airlangga continued.


On that occasion, Airlangga encouraged pesantren to collaborate with the government to improve the people's economy, especially those based on pesantren. To that end, he has taken several steps by holding programs that support the economy of pesantren.


“There are several economic activities that can be rolled out. Incidentally, when we were at the Ministry of Industry, we rolled out several programs, including for the needs of Islamic boarding schools. For example, providing bread making equipment to produce bread as additional food for students and we have helped in waste management,” he explained.


In addition, Airlangga also encouraged pesantren to carry out economic activities within the pesantren and entrepreneurship according to the location of the pesantren. Such as running a cooperative-based economy and opening mini pumps for motorized vehicles. Regarding the capital, the government currently has a People's Business Credit (KUR) interest subsidy program of 3 percent until the end of 2021.


"So the interest is very low because of subsidies from the government," he added.


To develop digital literacy in the pesantren environment, Airlangga also encouraged pesantren to use digital libraries and computers in various activities, including in the teaching and learning process.


"The digitalization is part of education, especially in the future we will enter the era of digitalization," he said.


Airlangga hoped that the pesantren would give birth to young generations who are capable of dealing with entrepreneurship and becoming leaders at the time of Golden Indonesia in 2045.


"These younger brothers and sisters will become the nation's leaders who will manage Indonesia Gold in 2045," he concluded.


Contributor: Muhammad Abror

Editor: Sudarto Murtaufiq

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