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NU sufi organization holds meeting with ulema, govt, military and police

NU sufi organization holds meeting with ulema, govt, military and police
Habib Luthfi
Habib Luthfi
Pekalongan, NU Online
Idarah Aliyah Jam'iyyah Ahlit Thariqah Al-Mu'tabarah An-Nahdliyah (JATMAN) will hold a gathering attended by ulema (Muslim scholars) and security apparatuses (TNI and Polri) in the Pekalongan Regency Hall, Central Java, on Saturday (12/15).

The event will reportedly be attended by TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian, and supreme leader (Rais Aam) of JATMAN Habib Luthf bin Yahya.

The gathering will also be filled with the inauguration of the Ahlit Thariqah An-Nahdliyah (MATAN) Student Management for the 2018-2023 period, boards of Idaroh Su'biyah Pekalongan and Muslimat Thariqah of both district and city of Pekalongan.

JATMAN Secretary General, Masyhudi, told NU Online on Tuesday (11/12) that the gathering will be attended by some 3,100 confirmed invitations including from the TNI and Polri.

"The Thariqah ulema are the representatives of the Idarah Su'biyah and Wustho throughout Indonesia and we have also prepared accommodations to transport them, because at the same time they also attend the Maulid commemoration in Kanzus Sholawat Pekalongan," he said.

The gathering is an annual routine agenda coincided with the commemoration of Maulid at Kanzus Sholawat. However, this gathering seems very special, especially before the political year 2019.

"Actually, it is only a common gathering to strengthen brotherhood between ulema, umara, TNI and Polri. But because this is nearing the political year, this meeting is considered special," explained Masyhudi, who is also the chairperson of the Jepara Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Masyhudi hoped that the event which will take place in Kajen, Pekalongan, Central Java could run smoothly and successfully and produce a consensus for the integrity of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). (Muiz/Masdar)
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