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NU must keep up with industry 4.0

NU must keep up with industry 4.0
Lakpesdam NU
Lakpesdam NU

Jakarta, NU Online
The Chairperson of Nahdlatul Ulama Institute for Human Resource Studies and Development (Lakpesdam NU), Rumadi Ahmad said, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) must play a role in dealing with the development of human resources in the future. By looking at the current situation, NU should have known the impacts faced by NU both internally and externally.

Rumadi made the remarks at the National Coordination Meeting of Lakpesdam NU officials throughout the country. The meeting is expected to be able to formulate a new flow of economy including in keeping up with the so-called revolution 4.0.

"NU must start thinking about the development of human resources in the future," Rumadi said, adding that the revolution 4.0 was a must and must brilliantly be responded by the country's largest Muslim organization.

"...if there are major changes, where do NU members become part of the changes?" Rumadi said.

The issue of Industrial Revolution 4.0 was also taken up at the 6th National Coordination Meeting of Lakpesdam NU at the Center for Development of Foreign Work Training (Cevest) Bekasi on Saturday (12/22). )

Rumadi asked whether NU was part of the changes and even could help influence the changes. Lakpesdam NU expected NU to be a subject rather than an object and did not even want to be a victim of the revolution 4.0.

Previously, he said, ahead of the 1st century of Nahdlatul Ulama, there had been two mandates outlined in the NU AD / ART that should continuously be optimized. He said, Lakpesdam would continue to conduct studies on all strategic issues, one of which is the Revolution 4.0.

For example the study of the issue of strategic public policy design or draft legislation.

"The second is to develop human resources, for what reason, of course, the first goal is to increase the capacity of human resources in the NU environment, if NU human resources are strong, then they will contribute to other human resources externally," he concluded. (Muiz/Masdar)

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