NU: Never show an exaggerated response to quick count results!

Ahad 21 April 2019 13:14 WIB
NU: Never show an exaggerated response to quick count results!
Jakarta, NU Online
The 2019 General Election was held in all regions in Indonesia, Wednesday (17/4). As per the schedule of the General Election Commission (KPU), vote counting was carried out on the same day until the next day (April 17-18).

The counting process is scheduled to be completed nationally on May 22, 2019. However, a number of survey institutions have published exit poll and quick count results. On this stand, the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) urged all Indonesian people not to show an exaggerated response to the quick count results.

The Chairman of NU Robikin Emhas said the election organizers witnessed by the presidential and vice candidates' witnesses and the election supervisors would recapitulate the vote acquisition of tiered presidential and vice presidential candidates from villages, sub-districts, districts / cities, provinces to the national level.

According to him, the tiered recapitulation will take a long time. The final results will be announced after the recapitulation of the vote acquisition of the presidential and vice presidential candidate at the national level by the KPU in May 2019. We understand it because the KPU calculates and recapitulates the vote acquisition manually.

"Today we will also find various survey institutions releasing exit poll and quick count results. What needs to be noted, exil poll and quick count are not real counts," Robikin said.

Academically, the exit poll and quick count results are a reflection of the election results. But it is not the final result of the election which can legally be used as the basis for determining the vote acquisition of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. The final results of the vote for the presidential election are those that will be determined and announced by the KPU in May.

"For that reason, I hope the community does not respond to the results of the presidential election which was released by various survey institutions exaggeratedly. We welcome the release of exit poll, quick counts and even real counts results carried out by various survey institutions in a normal manner as educated communities respond to them, namely responding by putting forward a high culture of mutual respect and respect," he said. (Mahbib/Masdar)
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