Three types of human being, which posision are we classified?

Rabu 12 Juni 2019 09:58 WIB
Three types of human being, which posision are we classified?
Jakarta, NU Online
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reminded that humans living in this world are divided into three types or groups. While the devil is divided into several parts. Some are from the genie and some other are from the human.

The statement was made by Deputy Chairman of NU Preaching Institution KH Muhammad Nur Hayid, popularly known as Gus Hayid, on the sidelines of leading the NU delegates at the so-called Tadribud Duat Wal Aimmat Program at Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday (11/6).

According to the leader of Pesantren Skill, the first are the ones that are like animals because their behavior is uncivilized and inhuman.

"We see a lot of people around us who fulfill their desires without paying more attention to human values ​​and even justifying any means for their desires or groups," Gus Hayid said.

The second type, he continued, were humans whose spirit and soul were like Satan. This type could be found around us with physical appearance and attractive clothing as if they were perfect human beings.

"Some are neatly in suits, in beautiful uniforms or in robes and turbans, but their souls are cruel and always misleading others," the director of the MUI Preaching Commission.

While the third type are humans who are blessed by Allah SWT. This type will always be in God's protection both in the world and in the hereafter.

"This (third type) is the muttaqin, those who guard their faith and do not commit tyranny to themselves by committing sins to Allah, as well as doing injustice to others, by always hurting their fellow human beings by hand, mouth and in their actions," Gus Hayid explained.

He also invited Muslims to always be careful about the type of those who are humans but devil-hearted. He also invited Muslims to take into consideration the three types of humans as described by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As believers, Muslims should try to be the third type of human beings.

"What about us? In what number position are we in? Hopefully with the help of our God we will be classified as the third type. Amen. Al-Fatihah," he concluded. (Muhammad Faizin/Masdar)